Running, Hiking, Mowing and Other Wild Activities

I have a week at home.  Alone.  Well, alone with 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 horses.    I don’t have to even go to work!    So, what do I do when I realize I have all this ‘free’ time?  I make a schedule.  I am a long-time list maker so this just seemed natural.

Seriously, is that weird?  Is this some type of mental disorder?


Friday I ran into town for some groceries and to pick up an order that Patient Husband had placed at Home Depot.  He picked it out especially for me.


Pure joy, or excitement .    I am always shocked when there are no directions.  I guess this stuff is supposed to be inherent.  But voila’ I did it.


I’m sure you are wondering why I am so excited to get a new lawn mower.  Well, have you ever ‘mowed’ your lawn with a weedeater for several weeks?  That’ll do it every time.  This one is battery operated (rechargeable), but that, my friend, is not the most exciting part.

Yes.  High Intensity LED Headlights!   I cannot wait to mow the lawn at midnight.  Or during the total eclicpse.

Ok, on to more important things.  I ran 4 miles Friday.  It was not exhilarating or awesome.  It was, well, awful.  I’m not going to lie.  The first almost 2 miles were ok, but when I headed back I felt awful.  I found myself running to the shade, then walking that 10 feet and running again.  Ugh.  Oh I have a ton of excuses.  But really I just need to run more.

On my ralk (I made that up myself), I stopped to see my buddy.


He is sooo sweet.  I actually haven’t looked to see if it’s male or female, I just know he’s a Strawberry Roan.  So I named him Darryl.


Guess what else is going on up the road from Darryl?

Yep, and then some round bales, too.


For the summer we have encouraged, no – actually  banished  the cats to the barn.  Their constant crying to go out and in all night long was driving us crazy.  It was pretty easy – just moved their food bowls to the barn.

He’s happy……..honestly.


Murray prefers the penthouse.


After completing a few of my ‘chores’ on Saturday, I took the dogs up in the mountains.

Although the clouds moved in and it was chilly, the wildflowers are amazing.

As well as the views.


The dogs more than loved it.


I call this “A Dog in the Wildflowers”


I finished my binge-watching of The Good Wife.  Not real happy with the ending but I won’t say anymore.  Any other series that I should start?  I have Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Please, I feel lost without a continuous show to watch….



This is how Gus makes sure I don’t leave without him.

Now I must go check my schedule to see if I have completed all my tasks and to get an idea of tomorrow.

One step at a time,


A Little Trail Running and a Lot of Randomness

Lots of random things today.  Last night there was just a weird color when I looked outside.


This was the view out the other side of the house:


Took the dogs for a swim.



What exactly are Jake’s ears doing?


At least they aren’t quite like this:


Just as pretty as my usual hay bale pictures!


I didn’t get out for a run till late this afternoon.  So I went up to a nearby trail.   I think the reason I like trail running is that I’m not  thinking about speed and pace.  Instead, I am  concentrating on what’s around me,  branches, roots, rocks and how I will run up and down the ditches or gullies.  It’s much more interesting I guess.   It’s nice to switch it up once in a while.


Waiting for a belly rub:


And now as you are ending the work week, here’s a morning chuckle.


Have a great Friday!


One step at a time,