Check-Ups and Checking Things Out

Wow I’ve had a busy week.  Between work every day and appointments every afternoon,  bedtime was often 9:00!  Have you ever had one week where all the appointments seem to land?  Well that was this week.

It’s breast cancer Awareness month so off I went for that annual mammogram.  Another day was my appointment for my eyes.  My eyes have changed somewhat so I am trying out bifocal contacts.  The distance vision was amazing but reading — not so much.  So I am trying to get used to them but I have another appointment to see about an ‘adjustment’.

An adjustment.  That’s something we all could use somewhere, isn’t it?


Oh, and did I mention the Flu shot?  Yep I got a sticker.  I feel healthier already.


But during all this, I still got to get out and enjoy some trails.  I actually did 5 miles one day.


This week was the beginning of hunting season.  So since I’m running in the woods, I thought I better be careful.  I’m pretty sure that except for the lack of antlers, only 2 legs instead of 4,  and the slight difference in speed, I could be mistaken for a deer.  Therefore, this was my color of the day:


The deer families are staying close to home now, you might say.














I’ve been looking at Amazon.  I believe you can buy anything you can think of there.  And some things you wouldn’t think of.

Yep, nail clippers shaped like fish.


I have to admit I did try to figure out who I could send this ‘Welcome” mat to.

A clever use of words (?) or something just creepy?

I ordered 3 of these – one for each of my children.  That’s ok, right?

There were some signs or posters.  I liked this one.And this one……

This one just freaked me out.  I stopped shopping.












When going into town we saw a variety of Halloween decorations I thought I’d share.

















I guess this guy couldn’t afford a tractor…











Fixing supper











Gotta walk the dogs.













What’s Halloween without a graveyard?











Ahhhh  Eternal love….











As I listen to the wind howling outside, I know winter is coming.   I’m trying to enjoy every bit of this fall weather I can.

I’m not sure if it’s exhaustion or joy, or maybe just making sure no one steals it,  but Luna fell asleep with her favorite bone in her mouth. 















Have a wonderful Sunday.

One step at a time,







Slip-Sliding Away Down the Trails

I think we may be having our Indian Summer this week.  I was sure hoping we would have one because I am not ready for another Wyoming winter yet.

I was so excited after my last trail run that I went out again the next day.  This time I took Luna with me.  (Jake was so mad he wouldn’t even take the biscuit I was giving him for staying home)

Anyway, I lengthened the run a little by parking at the lower lot and running up a trail to the new trailhead.  This turned it into about a 4 mile run. 

I’m not sure why, but it seemed muddier that day. About 3/4 of the way through the trail, apprently my shoes were so mud-filled that I had no traction.  At one corner, my feet went up in the air and down I went.  Nothing hurt because the mud was well – muddy.

Ok – someone out there that runs trails – I need advice.  The shoes I am using are Hoka’s that are for road or trail.  If I had a specific trail shoe, would they be less likely to get soaked in mud?  Or is this just the way it is for running trails?

I already have another direction I am going to go to next.    I’m not sure when I will get there because I have appointments every day this week after work,  Maybe Friday?  When I described my running in the mud, and climbing up the switchbacks to Patient Husband and calling it ‘fun’, he rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Meanwhile, back at my cathouse.

Sleeping nearby are the conjoined twins, I mean the Doodles.


I also got up on Sunday morning and did a morning road run.  4.5 miles and no pain.  YAY!



Then we did a once-a-month breakfast splurge – Paleo pancakes.  They tasted like normal pancakes to me and what a treat!



I started watching the series “Blacklist” from the beginning.  I really like James Spader, although the show can get a bit violent at times.    I also listened to a very good podcast about nutrition by the Marathon Training Academy.  You’ll really enjoy it – its for everyone not just runners.  I found the part about sugar addiction especially interesting.


I hope your week has started out nice and easy.  I hope you can get outside and enjoy some nice weather.

One step at a time,