I Cannot, Will Not, Share My Trail

It seems like this week flew by.  It could be because I saw spring turn into winter and I don’t even remember seeing summer.

I decided to read about some local running trails around here.   Unfortunately I found out that 2 of the trails I wanted to try are known to have rattlesnakes.  But not to worry,  they are only around from May to September.  Oh yay. 

Now let me explain.  I hate, abhor, and detest snakes.  There was a rumor that I tried to shoot a garden snake once.   But there is no evidence to that story…..      Anyway, if there is a chance that one of those may greet me – I will not be on that trail.

The roads and pavement suddenly seem safer !

Image result for dangerous traffic gif


I prefer to see more of these hens.  They are running across the road a lot near my house.  I wish their heads were bigger.   I don’t mean to be critical, but don’t they look out of proportion?


I was able to talk to my grandchildren on Facetime, and that’s always fun.



I saw some pictures labeled “Dramatic Cats” that were pretty funny:


So I took this one of Jack.  Isn’t it cute how he’s balancing  there and playing with the flower?

That picture was taken just prior to this one:


So now you see Jack isn’t the cutest cat in town.  Well I’m waiting for my dogs to develop this musical talent:



Its the weekend so lets get ready!   I hope you have a great time.


One step at a time,





Running, Rainbows, and it Can’t Be My Fault.

Well I’ve had a couple of nice days.   I ran almost 5 miles yesterday morning!  I blame Patient Husband for that.  I wanted to drive off the mountain and run on the flat.   But my instructions for pick-up were misconstrued.  I figured at about the 3 mile mark, PH would drive up and pick me up.  I kept running and running.  3 miles turned into 3.5, then 4 and 4.5….

After some frantic “where are you?” texts from both of us to the other,  I was picked up at 4.8 miles.   He had been waiting for me at another location.  But I was actually feeling pretty darn good!    Close to 5 miles and no pain – not in my foot or in my knee.

We then headed out for a nice Easter breakfast.  This is where the yummy vegetable omelet used to be.

If you think you see syrup, I may or may not have been tasting PH’s pancakes…….

Later on that day, I even felt brave enough to put some plants out on the patio and have the cats pose for an Easter picture.

Jack was going for the profile shot.

While I’m blaming PH for things – here is another issue I blame him for.  We were headed out to work outside so I wanted to wear my Keen hiking shoes.  After about 15 minutes outside, I look down.  Close…….   I mean they are both Keens.  The left is on the left foot, the right is on the right foot…..


How do I blame PH, you ask?  Because I feel its his responsibility to make sure I am dressed properly……   because apparently I am no longer capable……


On a happier note, I saw a beautiful double rainbow today.


I had to look closely, but I found the other end of it..


Did any of you watch the Boston Marathon?  By the time I realized the time difference, I could no longer find it on tv.  I was very disappointed but tried to read up on it as much as I could.  THIS is what I found.


He is crossing the finish line.  Ran the entire marathon like this.  He is 50 years old.  Oh and did you notice he is barefoot?

One barefoot step at a time,