Heading East to Hang Out With the Grandkids

Hello from New York!   No, not the city – The New York that is just across the river from Ontario!

My flight left Billings, Montana at a nice hour – like 6 a.m.  This meant an alarm set at 2 and leaving the house at 3.   As I flew east towards Minneapolis, I could see the sun coming up over the plane’s wing.  Hey Delta, someone really needs to wash the windows.

A little something different from the usual peanuts this time – a granola bar!

Heading from Minneapolis to Detroit, the earth was cracking!


My favorite part of Detroit airport.


Thanks Detroit for making walking/running through the airport a lot more fun.


All the flights went smoothly and soon enough I landed in Syracuse and my son was there to pick me up.

The day after I arrived we had an early 4th birthday party for Ahnika before Mom and Dad left on vacation.   Dad found the perfect pink, princess cake.


On Friday while her brother was in school, Ahnika challenged me to keep up with her!   A day with a 4-year-old  consisted of playing house with mermaids (Yes, it’s as difficult as it sounds), playing board games, and moving Princess birthday decorations into bedroom decorations.

And let’s not forget those tv shows.

And now they are bathed and asleep.  Time for some Olympics watching and book reading on the couch.  I’m still awake and moving.

Nana – 1        Grandchildren – 0


One step at a time,



Wednesday Wishes – Happy Valentine’s Day


This is just a quick note to you all as you sip on your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Dr. Pepper or whatever you have.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Believe it or not I’m packing my suitcases again! 


I found a stow-away

This time I’m traveling all the way to New York.  Time to spend some much-needed time with more granchildren!  I fly out of Billings at 6 a.m.  So it will be a very early morning.

Have a great day and week and if there are moments when you think your Valentine isn’t very romantic, well just watch this.


One step at a time,