More Adventures Before Returning Home

I have a few more adventures to share from my trip to Massachusetts before I quit dreaming and get back to real life.

Before we headed to the airport, we drove into Providence, RI.  First, breakfast.  We found the perfect place – The Classic Cafe.   The interior was perfect for the old diner feel.

The food was excellent, too.

Our next stop was Federal Hill.  This is the ‘Little Italy’ of Providence.


This looked like it was right out of a scene in The Soprano’s.  I kept waiting for Tony and the boys to show up.  🙂


We ventured into some of the stores/delis/restaurants.

One ‘store’ had a sign outside that you could pick out your live chicken and they would butcher it right there for you.  Sorry, I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t even step inside the store.

My favorite was Tony’s Colonial Food.  It was just amazing.

I always thought there was just black and green olives.  Wow, was I wrong!

But my favorite part of Tony’s Colonial Food……..was Tony!

He was super sweet and talked about his store and then asked if I was going to Newport.  Newport is a coastal town with one mansion after another.  He then asked me to wait and came back with a book all about the Newport Mansions.  He then flipped through the pages showing me the amazing architecture – one more ostentatious than the next.  I loved listening to Tony talk and was glad he allowed me to take his picture.

Our visit to Providence was a great way to finish up the week.  A wonderful time.

Now I’m back on the ranch.  The horses, dogs and even the cats were happy to see us. 


I hope you enjoyed this vacation with me.  Make this  week a good one.

One step at a time,


Walking, Running, Strolling, Listening, Watching and NOT Swimming with the Sharks

We had a wonderful time at our stay in Cape Cod.   Each morning we would head down to the beach.  The first thing we would check is the Lifeguard flag.



The lifeguard told us that between 6 and 20 great White Sharks pass by the beach each day!  Every day we saw spotter planes flying overhead.  When we saw them circling, the ‘tagging’ boats would head that way and everyone was called out of the water.  You can see in this picture how close to shore they were.

This is what the sharks are chasing:  seals.

These guys are ‘tagging’ the sharks.

The beaches got quite crowded and even the gulls were watching!


On top of many of the houses, including the one we rented, are “widow’s walks”.  The view from ours was great.

On my walks/runs I saw this adorable garden shed:

We also went to some great breakfast restaurants and of course some shopping occurred.


The bay near Chatham.


While resting, we saw ourselves in the mirror of a shop across the street!


On Friday we headed to Provincetown, which is at the very end of the Cape and full of interesting sights.


We then headed to Chatham for the ‘Friday Night Band Concert’.  This is every Friday night and we estimated a thousand people attended.  Early in the day, places are saved.


The weather was perfect and the park was filled with all ages.

Everyone was invited down to the bandstand to march around it, play the Hokey-Pokey and sing “B-I-N-G-O”.  One of the band members was 96 years old and played Somewhere Over The Rainbow beautifully.

This little guy had a great time.


There still IS small town America.


While I’ve been gone, little Finn has been smiling.  A lot.


One step at a time,