A Wonderful Visit and a Bumpy Flight Home

Where have you been?  I’ve missed you.  I had a wonderful visit with my daughter and son-in-law .  If you ever decide to visit the Oregon coast in the winter and they say that it is the “rainy season”, believe them.  I’m not saying that it rained the entire time,  just every waking moment.   That also may be an exaggeration.

This is the countryside I drove through from Portland.

I love all the green!!

I took Miko and Ruthy to the beach.  I stopped at a pull off that advertised ‘beach access”.  I will suggest that there should have been a sign that said “beach access – use rapelling gear”.

It may not look so bad from this point of view but trust me – it was scary.  See how it looks like it drops off up ahead?  It does.

We made it and we had a nice walk.


When we got back to the car, I forgot to shake them off.  They are both long-haired dachshunds, so they are like little swiffers and brought back tons off sand into the car.

On another day, we visited the Sea Lions Cave.  This was totally awesome.  After riding down in an elevator 200 feet, you exit into the cave area.  The roaring by the sea lions is deafening.

Did you know a bull sea lion can weigh 1500 pounds???


The view out the other side of the cave was very cool too.

I never get tired of lighthouses.

It was hard to leave today.  But I will be back to check on my little Grandson-to-be soon.  I did some exploring of more areas of Oregon on my way back to the Portland airport.

The flight back was very rough.  So much so that the flight attendants were never able to leave their seats.  But we arrived safe and sound in Billings.  And there was PH waiting for me and 3 insanely crazy acting dogs in the car.

As always, it’s good to be home.

One step at a time,



New State, New Sights, New Shoes

Good Morning!  I am finally here on the  Oregon coast.  Let me back up to Tuesday.  Sorry I get so delayed in my posts.

Tuesday we were out the door at 3:30 am for the 2 hour drive to the airport in Montana.  The first flight was to Seattle and we the view from above the mountains was spectacular.  Almost unreal.


Descending into Seattle:


While waiting in Seattle for the next flight, I saw someone – a guy – that I have to admit, well… there was an instant attraction.  A connection.  As soon as our eyes met, I wanted to take him home.

But, alas, it was not meant to be.  (Could that be because there are already three waiting for me there?)


After the layover in Seattle, it was on to Portland.  Then once we landed and I was in the rental car, I headed south through the countryside to Eugene.


I stayed In Eugene that night and was going to meet my daughter and son-in-law in the morning.  Along with all the normal travel and sightseeing pamphlets in the lobby of the hotel, was this.  I knew I wasn’t in Kansas any more…..

When I woke up that morning and turned on the light,  I immediately witnessed Charlotte dropping down and climbing back up her web.  It is kinda hard to see her because I was way across the room and didn’t want to get any closer.  I had to use the zoom so you could also see the object of my fright.



When Amanda and Joseph met me, we drove over to the hospital and I was able to be with them while she had a 3-D ultrasound.  It was so amazing.  All of you oldies like me know, we didn’t have anything remotely like this when we had children.  They pointed out the skull and parts of the brain, all of the heart, the kidneys and liver!

How wonderful to be told everything is as it should be!  The afternoon was spent with a delicious lunch at BJ’s and then shopping.  With new maternity clothes and a new pair of Hokas for me, we headed back to her house.

After they headed to work this morning,  I did a little exploring.  Just 2 blocks from their house:

As you can see, its a gray day, but that didn’t spoil it.  I love the ocean and beach.  Then I made another favorite Oregon stop:

I love this place!  Plus, look what was inside the door:

How cool is that??

Now I’ve got supper in the crockpot and spending time with the Granddogs.


Because ‘healthy’ is what we all should be striving for, here is something to always remember:

Healthy Is Not  ‘One-Size-Fits-All’.


One step at a time,