Spring then Winter and Trying to Cope

I look back at my last post and realize I was delusional.  Spring in March?  In Wyoming?  And I wasn’t even drinking.

Monday night it got quite cold and some flurries were around.


I’ve never really seen a lot of crows around here – mostly bluebirds and magpies.  But they came to visit.


And then yesterday all the snow melted – except my everlasting drifts,  The fog rolling in gave me several nice views.

This was taken this morning.

And for a while we were totally surrounded in clouds/fogs.  But when it cleared, I saw Durango watching over Banjo as he slept.

But as you can see, Durango’s eyes are pretty much closed.  And soon he had to stop working so hard.


My workouts so far this week consisted of  “Pure Cardio” on Monday and Tuesday I hit the treadmill.  It has been forever since I have been on it.   I ran a little over 2 miles with a walking warm-up and cool down.  Everything felt fine.  No aches, no pains.   My coaches made sure I didn’t slack.

I ran longer than usual but at a slow pace – it just felt good.



This morning I wake up to this:

Wednesday Night 100 % Precip.
Rain showers early with precipitation turning to a mixture of rain and snow  overnight.      Thunder possible.  Chance of precip 100%. Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches.

Thursday 03/23 34 | 19 °F
Snow likely. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 100%. 5 to 8 inches of snow expected.

Why can’t I just curl up like this and forget it all?  This is their reaction to the weather, the evening news, and me…. (above)

When all the catalogs start showing the girls in bikinis, does it give you the same feeling as it does to me?

Today will be another cross training workout.  This whole week has been evening workouts.  Very unusual for me – I’ve always been a roll-out-of-bed-start-running kind of person.  But I’m being more flexible with whatever is going on.

I hope you are having a good week and you are moving each day.  Are you out there walking?  Are you doing something more each day?  By the way, I found out that just working on my balance while brushing my teeth has really helped (stand on left foot for 1 minute, then switch and stand on right foot.)

And don’t forget:

One step at a time,


Sunday Short and Sweet

Saturday I was up and doing my Insanity program.   Gus is used to my exercise antics, but the  Czechoslavakian      doodles have no idea what I am doing.  So I find them jumping with me, crawling under me and if its within reach – grabbing or lying on top of my ponytail.  Next time – chew bones before I hit “Play”.


As hard as it is, I always feel so good to complete it!



Two days of nice weather this weekend.  Woohoo!  It made me believe that spring was here.   That’s what happens when you try to live the moment and not worry about the future, right?

I started doing some spring cleaning.   But this was more than dusting and washing floors.  That’s way too fun.


This was going through old clothes, books, and other ‘stuff’.   I got boxes going to the Goodwill and bags of garbage.  I was surprised how hard this is.   I still have my clothes I wore to court  – yep I’ve been retired 5 years, but hey ya never know when I might need to wear a suit again.  NOT.  I found so many clothes that are nice and I’ve been hanging on to them.   I had to go with the “if I haven’t worn it in 2 years – get rid of it” advice.  So hard.

I got a lot done.  Kinda proud of myself.


We took the dogs for 2 mile walk on Sunday.  Its so nice to see the ground again.


Remember when I mentioned how weird poor Jake looks now?  More evidence.

Gus has a new toy monkey that he will cuddle and sleep with prior to tearing its limbs off.


Uh-oh a headless Gus.  Maybe the monkey attacked first.


I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the new week.   One more piece of advice:


One step at a time…