Reading, Riding, But No Arithmetic

When I went for my run early Sunday, I saw a bunch of hot air balloons.    I wasn’t fast enough to catch them though.  So the best I could do was get them as little black spots.


We finally got out on a real ride on the horses.  They did beautifully. 


Between the mid-70s temperatures and the beautiful views, it was a really nice day.


Patient Husband has been binge-watching his series – The Wire.  I thought I would like it because its a cop show that takes place in Baltimore.  But for some reason I just haven’t liked it.  So I’ve been reading a book.  Yes, I hold a book in my hands and read it! 









I have been so hooked on audio books that reading a hard cover book feels strange.  Patient Husband actually ordered this  book for me and did a great job.  I love it.  I’m about 1/2 way through it  and highly recommend.


As I was changing the bed, Jake took advantage of it.


I’m not sure what to think about this.


Hope your week is going well.

One step at a time,









Some Good, Some Bad and a Little Adorable

I was out running my  “week 1, day 2” of my new coaching app and it was actually fun!!  This one was 44 minutes of running.  There were 3 parts that I cycled through – walking, running and 80% sprint.  The sprint was never for more than 15 seconds (!!)  I really had no idea what my 80% was, so I just ran as hard as I could.   I mean really 15 seconds isn’t much.  This is exactly how I looked    felt.

When I was just about 7 minutes from finishing,  Patient Husband pulled up on his way home.  After a 12-1/2 hour shift, and 6:45 a.m. and he still agreed to pull over and wait for me to finish up.  Hence, the nickname Patient Husband.  When I got done and told him it had been fun, he looked at me something like this:


I really should have gone out this morning for my final workout this week, but it was a downpour when I got up.  It rained all day yesterday and all night and was still coming down in buckets.  I have had a long time fear of melting….


Just some neighbors out for a ride.

For some reason I just liked all the colors


So this morning we are sitting at our bar finishing up the last of our coffees and catching up with the news and emails. I looked up and straight ahead out the window.   Then I looked straight at PH. And in a combination of whine and wail, I said  Oh.My.God.   What? What? I moved my eyes slowly to the window. Snow.   It was snowing.

No it wasn’t a blizzard but it also wasn’t fat rain.   I am not ready for this.  It’s September 16, for God’s sake!


I have heard that laying beside the wall and putting your legs up is really good for after a run.  When I got done, Jake seemed to have the same idea.


Now what you see here is a once in a lifetime (at least Jack’s lifetime) occurrence.  Jack actually curled up with Jake and put his paws around him! It might take a minute for you to adjust your eyes to all this mangled fur.


But this is still our favorite time.  Couch time.


I got to facetime with my little buddy, too.



I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will run in the morning.  I hope the rest of your weekend is fun and relaxing.  It can be both, right?

One step at a time,