The Wild Life in Big Horn

It’s been a couple of quiet days here.  I’ve been catching up with appointments, emails, etc. that I had gotten behind in while I was gone.  I also got an appointment in for my hair.  That’s always a nice couple of relaxing hours.  Its now mid summer so all the green is now brown.  So sad.

We had a load of 300 bales of hay brought in.  It was 95 degrees.  Last year, we were out in the field and loading hay and unloading and stacking it in the barn.  It was also in the high 90s.  Never again.  (I hope).  So 5 guys jumped out of the truck and had it unloaded and stacked in the barn in like 20 minutes.    Now that’s the way to get hay!

There’s a lot of construction on our road for at least 3 miles.  My shoulder that I run on is now gone – or at least dug up.   I’m hoping that they are widening it, not just re-paving. 

It makes me go very slow in the car so I have been able to see more fawns in the tall grass and also this meeting of the Elks Club,    er I mean the Bucks Club.

There were 4 large bucks in the group.  Apparently while taking my pictures, the meeting was adjourned.

While I was in Oregon, Patient Husband took this great picture.


The last couple of days, we’ve really been getting socked with the smoke from Montana’s fires.  Its hard to believe it travels this far.


Poor, poor Jack.  He can never get comfortable.

Apparently Murray is trying to catch a train outta here.


Jake just can’t get close enough.  What could he be thinking about?


That certainly looks like a bear paw.  Actually just Luna reminding me that my hand should be petting her. 


She also likes to daydream.


That could be Hekyll and Jekyll….


I’ve not been able to run for a while.  Not gonna get into that until I know some more facts this week.  The only think I can tell you is that unlike several other running bloggers – I am not pregnant.  🙂    I AM another year older though.  Let’s just move on…..

One step at a time,


A Fantastic Visit to Oregon with my new Grandson and my trip home.

Helloooooooooooo?   Anybody out there?   Anybody realize I’ve been MIA, AWOL, incommunicado, sequestered, unreachable, secluded, or just plain lazy??  Well maybe just a little of each?   Just like a recurring nightmare, I’m baaaack!

I’m also back in Wyoming as of yesterday.  It’s always good to be back home with Patient Husband and all my critters but I, oh so much, miss my daughter, son-in-law and new baby Finnegan.

I dug up my last post to see where I left off – I was at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Hospital in Portland.  My daughter ended up staying in the cardiac unit from Monday through Friday afternoon.  They allowed Finnegan to be in the room with her the whole time and he did great.   Although she gave us a scare, Amanda was given the OK by both the OB and Cardiac teams to leave on Friday.

Every day Amanda improved and it was nice to have everyone home and able to sleep in their own beds and learn new schedules.  I was in my own Grandma heaven.

His hair is looking blonder and he has two dimples.  🙂   He also loves music.  He went from screaming  (in a nice shade of purple) while being changed, to quietly listening to the music from the mobile.

One morning I was picking him up before I had put on my makeup.  Big Mistake.


Luckily, no one is jealous of Finn.

We had so much fun finishing up the nursery.  I take no credit for the creativity.  I give all credit to Amanda and Joseph.  Here is the ‘reading corner’:

Thank goodness we had the best nourishment during our work.

I did assemble the new stroller.

We took Finn for his first trip to the beach.

This gave him nice dreams.


But, alas, I realized I needed to go home.  Got out the map and followed it in reverse.

Adding in many stops for coffee:


There were some nice views along the way…..


And some not so nice…..

If you look in my rear view mirror, that’s not a cloud – that’s Mt. Hood.Please don’t ask how I got these photos…….


After driving 12 hours the first day,  5 hours the second day,  one and a half audio books and numerous podcasts later, I was home.   Did I mention a lot of CD sing-alongs?

But now I am home and was able to celebrate my birthday with Patient Husband.  I must thank SO many people for their birthday wishes to me.  So today, I am older and things at home are back to normal.

By the way, I heard that my grandson cried all day after I left.  🙂   I miss him too.


One step at a time,