A few Sunday things…

This morning started out early with strength training with ShaunT.  Whenever I finish his workouts I feel good but sweaty.  (or is that my body crying?)


Then, although I think Jack had a great idea…..


I had work to do.  So first I finished putting all the Christmas decorations away (how did I get this many?).  And of course that meant lots of dusting and vacuuming, too.


Then it was out to the barn for some more work.


Feeding/watering Durango and Banjo and then fixing the water trough with a heater.


I rece ived a package from my daughter with all sorts of gifts inside.  One is a beautiful bracelet.  On the outside it says:  “May the road rise up to meet you” and on the inside it says: “May the wind be always at your back”.  Love it.


and a pair of coffee mugs that has a cute surprise inside:


Have I told you that I am a true coffee fiend?  I mean seriously – from the moment I get up until I go to bed at night.

Hope your day is filled with warmth and snuggles.


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