Where oh Where have my little dogs gone?

Yesterday was just a good day to appreciate being home.   I only had one appointment I had to make and that was to take the doodles for their first ‘summer cut’.   From what I’ve read, they don’t actually need this to keep cool.  I saw it necessary as these dogs became walking velcro strips.  After being outside, they would return every.single.time with leaves, stems, branches, assorted reptiles, grass, hay, and anything else that could cling to their entire body.  So off we went to cut off that velcro.

Jake just before we left for our appointment.



A few hours later.


Jake had the traditional bandana and Luna had pink bows on her ears.  I couldn’t stop apologizing to them.  I’m not sure why they didn’t believe me.  Could it be the way I was saying it?   “I’m (laugh) sooooo (giggle) sorry.  Honest”.    I’m actually not sure they are my dogs.

They didn’t want to go outside because the neighbor dogs might see them.

While the doodles were gone, I gave Gus a stuffed hedgehog to play with.  I don’t think this is a good sign of the outcome of Mr. Hedgehog.



Murray just can’t handle those late nights anymore.



Things I have thought about since I haven’t run in almost a month:

  1. Why do I still wake up at 5 a.m.?
  2. Why do I want to get up at run?
  3. How come the weather has been ideal for running?
  4. Am I ever going to run again?
  5. When I start training again, I will do hills and lots of long runs and love it
  6. Am I still considered a runner?
  7. If I can’t walk/run/jump/exercise for an extended time – what the heck will I do?
  8. Can I blame my shoes?
  9.  Can I blame ANYthing?
  10. Can being stagnant cause insanity?

And those are only 10 things!  I’ll let you know about #10 ………


4 thoughts on “Where oh Where have my little dogs gone?

    1. Its not the joints that hurt actually. I rode a bike on my trip to the Cape and when I stepped off it was the most painful time ever. So just not sure what this is.
      But will keep you updated!

  1. Hang in there..just a temporary interruption:). Yes it can cause insanity…but maybe the “purpose” of this interruption is to have you really “appreciate” the ability and “joy” of running!! Maybe you should go “throw” some pots??? Who are those silly looking dogs at your house??????
    Love you, M

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