Birthdays and Reasons Not to Run

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday, so after all our celebrating (NOT) I was pretty sure that was a good excuse not to run.   But I checked and that excuse has not made my top  10 list.  So at 10:00 last night I did 4 very long miles on the treadmill.  Because the miles on a treadmill are WAY longer than anywhere else.

Speaking of excuses, here is a list of my top 9 excuses not to run/workout/move too much:  Nine because EVERYone has a top 10 list.


9.      I’M SICK.  I read somewhere that if you have a fever or cough or congestion in your chest, it is not healthy to run.   So I have to have one of those symptoms.  (Now hubby will understand why I randomly will ask him if  I have a fever)



8.            HIGH WINDS.   I was going to put ‘weather’ here, but I have used bad weather as an excuse to buy some very expensive,  great “bad weather” running clothes.  Around my house and around most of the state of Wyoming, we get unbelievable winds.  I have a weather machine that tells me what the wind speed and wind chill is outside. (I may or may not have bought this to validate my excuse).


7.              ________(INSERT A BODY PART) JUST DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT.  This could be anything from your ankle, shoulder, big toe or that hangnail you’ve been messing with.  We all know that running when there could possibly be an injury is never  good.



6.               OOPS I JUST ATE!   I don’t know how this happens.  I get up and eat a big breakfast full of fatty items and then realize “Oh no, I was supposed to go running” and there is no way I can run now.



5.           ALL MY RUNNING CLOTHES ARE IN THE LAUNDRY.   Need I say more?  I mean I can’t start out stinky!



4.        IF I GET UP, IT WILL WAKE THE ANIMALS AND THEY NEED THEIR SLEEP.    No visits from Animal Control or ASPCA needed here.



3.            THE ALARM DIDN’T GO OFF.  There are variations of this that work.  Such as I don’t remember hitting the snooze, or I thought it was part of my dream etc……



2.            I THINK THIS WILL BE MY REST DAY.  (BECAUSE I AM SO EXHAUSTED or I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO).    Everyone has to have rest days.  Every training guide has rest days and you can overwork your body.    Just make sure you didn’t have rest days all week so far.  Blogging is exhausting.



and finally, (until you give me some more to get on my approved list)


1.            I DON’T WANT TO GET SWEATY.    This could be because you already took a shower, someone might come to see you before you get in the shower or you don’t have time to run AND shower.

goodsweat   YEA, RIGHT!












This is what I’m talking about:


I mean wouldn’t THIS get you out of bed?



I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.



Let me know what excuses you have used!





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