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Binge Watching, and Am I Running Too Slow?

It’s Sunday night , Patient Husband is at work and I’m trying to get in a few more episodes of “The Good Wife” before I hit the bed. Is anyone else hung up on this show???

There are so many good lines.


I am getting up at 5 am to start my drive to Vail, CO.  It’s an 8 hour drive so I have downloaded an audio book  (The Couple Next Door) and also a podcast called “Someone Knows Something”.  That and a thermos of coffee should get me through the drive.

I have a pre-surgical appointment in the afternoon.   Then Wednesday morning I will have my last (I hope) surgery on my hand.  It will be a short and sweet surgery to take out the ‘plate’ that they inserted in the thumb joint last fall.   When I am not in pre-op or in surgery, I will be able to spend time with my sister.  I am finally going there when the weather is nice.

The weekend weather here was very nice and I spent as much as I could outside with the dogs and the horses.


I read a wonderful article in Women’s Running Magazine called ‘Why Running Slow Doesn’t Matter’ by Alison Barsalona.  I hope you will read the whole thing here:  Women’s Running.

It is very good and re-assuring.  One of my favorite paragraphs was the last one:

Everyone is slower than someone else

It’s simple math—there can only be one record holder in an event or one first-place finisher in a race. Technically, that means everyone else is a slower runner. Does that mean the runner-up isn’t an athlete? Or the last person to cross the finish line isn’t a real runner? No way. So there’s no reason to compare yourself to another runner and let a difference in pace take away from your personal success. We’re all slower than someone, and we’re all faster than someone, but the only thing that matters is that we’re all just trying our best.


It was so pretty today that men were flying over our house!



These cats definitely have attitude.


I am always excited to be a part of new fashion trends.  What I like about this new one is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your weight or height is – it fits everyone.  And best of all – I could use it everywhere.



Image result for pillow hat


I wish you all a good Monday.  Make it a good day.

One step at a time,