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Visiting With Family, Vail Festival, and a Side of Surgery

My visit to Vail is almost over.  I have had a great time – oh except for that surgery on Wednesday.  It was nice having a few days with my sister.  My last few trips up there have been up-and-back trips and usually in bad winter weather.


I arrived on Monday afternoon just in time for my pre-surgical appointment.  Then Tuesday Sue and I got to visit some of our favorite places, including having lunch in downtown Vail.    Dinner out in Edwards where I tried mussels for the first time!

I actually like them!

My surgery was set for Wednesday morning and because Dr. Viola and his staff kept telling my what an easy surgery this was, I really wasn’t nervous.  (Except when the nurse told me the Dr. could do this with his eyes shut).  One minute the Dr. was going over how he would remove the metal plate and clean up any scar tissue and the next minute I was waking up in recovery.
Yes, I took a picture while I was in recovery.


When I got back to Sue’s house, I felt amazingly good.  And to cheer me up, my nephew’s son and daughter were there to entertain.

Are these adorable or what?

Although they were a bit leery of the big, bandaged owie I had, we had fun playing trains.  I took the prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.

Thursday morning I took my last pain killer because I really had no pain!  I had  an appointment with physical therapy.  She changed out the dressing and put a much smaller bandage on it.  Everything looks good – still a lot of swelling and an amazing bonus!!

Do you remember in my last blog I mentioned that I do not have a green thumb for gardening?  Guess what?  I now have a green thumb!



After PT, Sue and I and little Piper (my Niece’s daughter) went into Vail for the beginning of the Go-Pro Mountain Games.


First, we walked through some of the vendors’ tents.


I snagged as many freebies as I could.  Let’s see, I got a chapstick holder,

a bandana, granola bar, a honey stinger waffle and chews: I told them I had a hard time eating other ‘chews’ when I run, they convinced me to try these.  And they are right!  Very easy to eat and they don’t stick to your teeth like the others.


We walked up to the dog area so we could watch the Dock Dog competition.  Something I have to admit I didn’t know about.  Piper loved watching this.


Then it was time for some swinging among the aspens.


And, of course, a big shoe truck.




And climbing up the dragons back…..


Some kayaking demos.

And so much more going on Friday through Sunday.  But alas, we needed to get home for a nap.  (Both Piper and I were ready).


One step at a time,