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Is This the End of Summer or Just the Beginning of the End of Summer?

The last week of August.  The last week of summer.  What happened?    My conversation today went something like:  This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend?  What?  So summer is over?


I consoled myself by cleaning.  Sounds weird, I know, but if I even get a slight urge to clean, I must jump on it.  So I turned on my audio book and went for it.

I finally got to see a cattle drive.  I’ve been at work or out of town for the others.  This  was a fairly small one, but I am surprised that they are bringing the cattle down from the mountain so early in the year.  Do they know something that I don’t?

Lets not dwell on that.  Lets just enjoy the fun of a cattle drive.  Banjo and Durango love to watch them too.

There are a lot of laws in Wyoming that don’t make sense to me, but I do believe that there oughta be a law stating:   When cowboys are in the saddle and partaking in an activity involving cattle, they must wear cowboy hats.   Don’t you agree?

Back to my cleaning….    I started seeing blood spots on my floor.  Everywhere.  Have I been watching too  many crime shows?   No just a dog who somehow cut his foot and walked EVERYwhere.    So some ointment, bandage, tape, and a big sock later……


While Patient Husband was out of town,  he was able to pick up an order of pottery glazes for me.  This will be my very first time glazing pottery in my own studio.  Very, very scary.

But hopefully some of my first projects will look cool.  Can’t wait to start.

And now to finish up, I beg my daughter’s forgiveness, but I have to  show you her latest text to me.   ALL Mom’s out there will totally understand this.


And on that note…….

One step at a time (no matter what you are going through),



Home Alone – A Day in My Life With No Supervision

This title alone should scare you.

Knowing that I was going to have about 36 hours on my own was a scary yet exhilarating feeling.  (I’m adding as much drama as I can).   Now you must realize that alone means alone with 3 dogs, 3 cats and two horses.   And alone with my dogs is this:


First up, necessary chores.   The horses.   Masks and capes to fight evil.  Well ok just the masks.



Then the trough needs filling.  I have to set a timer on my phone because I have been known to leave the water running and running and…..

The water is crystal clear – honest.  I know it looks like mud!

I also noted that it was over 80 degrees at 9 a.m.  I want to run my trail today but it’s Sunday so it will be too crowded to take Jake with me, so maybe this evening when its cooler, too.

Then I did a little window shopping – on line.  Isn’t Paypal the bomb?


I found some shade outside and was able to finish reading my book, ‘Murder House’ by James Patterson.   Great book and I can’t believe I haven’t read more of his books.  I’ve been so hooked on the audio books that I barely actually read anymore.

Oh here is another picture of my “alone” time.


The other day I worked with my horse Durango in the round pen.  After a few moments where he was wondering if I was really serious, he began doing great.  I was so proud!  Then I put Banjo in the round pen.  He should know more because he was a trained ‘cowboy’ horse.  The poor thing, he just stood there staring at me!  So I brought out the Clinton Anderson DVDs today to brush up on my training.

Suddenly I caught Jake watching/listening!

I have never seen my dogs pay attention to the TV unless a dog barks or something.  So what was it?  Could he see the horse?  Or maybe, like the rest of us, he likes that Australian accent.  🙂


After putting the horses up, I waited a while till the temperature lowered.


At about 7:00 it was still 80°,  but Jake and I headed out to the trails anyway.  I am trying a new running app.  I usually use “Map my run” which I have no problems with but had heard many runners talking about “Runkeeper”.  I’ll let you know after a few runs what I think.

The first mile of this trail is a zig zag up hill.  Kills me.  But the view at the top is great.  According to Runkeeper – 5,986 ft.

Behind me is the result of a forest fire – seven years ago!

When we finished, these guys were waiting for us in the pasture.

And now I am watching a movie I picked up.  The Circle.  The ratings weren’t all that great but it has Tom Hanks and Emma Watson – how bad could it be?  So far so good, but I’ll let you know after I finish it.

And now you must be exhausted!  And there is still another day to go!

Do you need some motivation or encouragement to do a workout today?  Here’s Drill Sergeant Finnegan cheering you on!


One step at a time,