Daily Archives: September 7, 2017

A Day of With All Kinds of Horse Fun and More

Let’s get caught up, shall we?  We spent the better part of a day at the ‘Don King Days’ which takes place at the Equestrian Center.


We took our folding chairs and drinks and joined the crowd.



We weren’t quite as prepared as the folks  near us.



Unlike years in the past, it was a nice temperature with a slight breeze.  Halfway through the polo game, there is the traditional “stomping of the divots”.  Apparently the dogs help, too.


There were lots of food stands (not cheap, of course)











A chance to wear some special outifts.


Or the more traditional….


It’s always a good idea to be prepared if you need to take a nap.


The blacksmithing contest was fascinating to watch.  They came from all over the world.


If you forgot to bring refreshments, here comes the Beer Buggy.


Just waiting to do their job.


Then it was time for some rodeo stuff.  Here come the calves.

The haziness you see in the background is actually smoke from the nearby fires here in Wyoming as well as in Montana.


Finally we heard why there was a helicopter flying overhead.


Two jumpers gave us quite a show.


One jumper had lost both his legs, but still continues serving our country.


After all that, I decided I need to work around my horses.  So some time was spent in the round pen.  Banjo is doing much better; lunging and backing up.  Then I needed to shovel some …stuff…in the corrals.

I thought Banjo was bored and decided to play with the gate.  But then I wondered if he was trying to lock me in….


One step at a time,