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Weather, Cattle and Kiln Success

There is so much going on weather-wise around this country, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.  The fires in Montana, Oregon and California are devastating.  The hurricane/flooding in Texas and now the new Hurricane approaching Florida.    I hope all of you are safe or taking steps to be safe.

This week I experimented on a new recipe that is Paleo/Whole30.  Mixed with the Spaghetti quash is chicken and Buffalo sauce.  Yum, I was so happy that it was a success.


While out one day, the dogs (no one dog would take the blame, so I must blame them all) decided to completely destroy one of their beds.  Therefore, I told them they must share from now on.  This was Jake’s idea of sharing:


I don’t normally post a picture of myself, but I was too excited to show you my new shirt!


As usual, Jack is always present while I am writing my blog.  I swear he hears me open the laptop.  First, he had to get rid of excess wires that were in his way.


Then he begins reading and editing:


Hmmm.  He is really bored or he is disgusted with all my typos:

We continue to have cattle drives each day.  One day we saw a huge herd gong by – with no sign of any cowboys in front or beside them.  Later we left and found someone lower on the road who was trying to herd them into a pasture on his ATV.  He let us know that the cattle were so anxious to get off the mountain and away from the smoke that they took off and left the cowboys behind!

On the left:

And on the right -not afraid at all:  (I have no idea what those big polka-dots are on his side – just more of my expert photography.  But I have to admit, they are kinda cute.)

Patient Husband and I are trying to take walks each day.  Today we saw something new:

This painter had just gotten started – very cool, don’t you think?


Today was first for me.  I have never glazed my pottery in my own studio so this was all new for me.  First, I brushed on my glaze instead of dipping it into a big bucket, which is all I have ever done in the classes I’ve taken.    After many texts and phone calls to my sister, who is a potter, I was ready to put them into the kiln.

Since it’s an 8-hour procedure, it was late before it was done.  This is the moon that was out tonight.

First, I could only peek in because the kiln was still super hot.

Then 2 hours later I carefully unloaded the kiln and TA-DA !

No, nothing professional – I’m just happy that they survived!


One step at a time,



🍩 > everything