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Walking, and Running with ‘Important Members of the Community’

Its been a good week for Patient Husband and I to get out and hike. The moderate temperatures gave us the perfect opportunities when I got off work.  First we we went on a trail across town.   We promised not to leave the path.

Hmmm.  Important members of the community and they will not attack.  I’ll keep my opinion.


The first 1/2 mile was a pretty good uphill incline and I heard some grumbling.
Our view near the top of the ‘hill’.


Our next walk was through a city park.  This was the most dangerous thing we saw.


And finally, we walked on a nearby road, and I just couldn’t ignore this:


I’ve been seeing HUGE flocks of these birds swooping together as they fly and then line up on the lines.  I’m not a birder, so I can’t tell you what they are but they are very neat to watch.


Patient Husband left super early this morning for Denver and will be back tomorrow.  I started my morning by seeing these amazing colors.


Then after work I took Jake to do some mountain climbing      trail running  on some new trails.


This greeted us at the trail head.  More important members of the community.

Please note what they say:  Do not run.  (yea right).  Appear Large.  I’m 5’1″ how large can I appear?    Back away…    And what happens when I trip over a root?


So off we went.  Luckily, the beginning of the trail was the worst with snow and mud. 


As I climbed up, there was switchback after switchback. 

I have to admit there were times I had to walk but there were also times I was able to hit the top of the hill without stopping.  My nephew, Michael the Ultrarunner, would have been proud of his old aunt’s attempts.

The view down.


Jake and I felt great when we finished (I could tell by his expression).  I think this is a sign of a good run.

I forgot my earphones, so I ran the whole trail without music or my audiobook.  The scariest thing on the whole trail seemed to be the sound of my breathing.  It certainly kept away all mountain lions, bears, and rattlesnakes.  It was either that or my speed.

I was using an app called Runkeeper.  How special is this?


Then since I had the night alone I did what all women want to do when home alone.  Put on the most comfy pants you can find.  And be sure to wear colorful socks.


Then after dinner (which can be whatever you want, i.e. cereal, ice cream or whatever) I applied a mud mask.
Make sure you do not let ANYone see you like this.  It’s a hard thing to wipe out of your memory.

I also gave myself a re-do on my toenail polish.  This is a before picture, by the way.


Then, throughout the evening, I kept up with my online games.
Yes, I realize I’m losing this game.   To finish up my evening on a high note, I finally got caught up on all my saved shows on t.v.


Another nephew of mine wrote a great article on nutrition.  I hope you will read it HERE.


How’s this for some motivation.  It really works for me.

          The first step to any goal is the hardest.
Look forward,
take a deep breath,
and make your move.


One step at a time,



I have a question.  Which was scarier – the mask picture or the foot picture?   🙂