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Shivering, Shoveling, Sniffling, and Maybe Snacking

Well, apparently, all across the country we are shivering together.

This is what we are in the middle of:Well, enough about the weather.


Murray said the “Large dog sweater” fits him just fine, thank you.

It also added some camouflage while in his fort.


During our ice/snow/bitter cold, I’ve been trying to keep up with my Insanity workouts.  When I start the DVD, the dogs come running.  This is my work-out space-

so I end up back by the back door…..


Kinda hard to see, but each horse has a hitchhiker….


The weather has been so strange.  Right now it’s  -9 degrees and no wind.  This morning when I got up it was -21 !! 


I watched the frozen fog coming in. 
That whole whiteness (is that a word?) between the houses and the blue sky is fog!

The best thing to do in this situation is this:

and this:

Unfortunately, I am going to have to have my son and daughter-in-law return these socks.  I wore them all day and nothing happened.  They must be broke.


Notice anything new?


I usually see this guy up on the ridge each night as I go to the barn.


Durango greeted me with his frozen whiskers tonight.

They always get some extra treats in this weather.

Each year as we close in on New Year’s Eve, I think back over the year.  I’ve never really had a year that I couldn’t wait to finish until 2017.  Except for the birth of my new Grandson, this year has kinda sucked!  Between my foot and then my hip, my running has been almost nil -( although I have discovered that I love trail running ).  Two of my friends are fighting breast cancer and now my little sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer too.  Her fight is just starting and so scary.  And of course the violence and the state of our country.   Let’s move on to 2018, shall we?

We each make so many  decisions in our life.  From waking up and deciding to make it a good day, to doing something to making someone else’s life happier, to making a choice of how we can make a difference in the world.  Stand up for whatever you feel strongly about.  Even if it’s just to make your own life healthier and happier, do it.

One step at a time,









Merry Christmas ! ! !

Let there be Peace on Earth.


I hope you had as nice a Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as we did here in Wyoming. There were no worries about a white Christmas or wondering if it would ‘feel’ like Christmas here.

Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner.  Filet Mignon (!) and all the fixings. Our first time trying out this expensive cut of meat but oh, it was worth it.

Then it was time to open stockings. (At least that was what Patient Husband said).  But afterward when he said it was time to open ‘just a few’ gifts under the tree, I had to draw the line…

So a little contest goes on in this house:  Who can pick out the most unpredictable, craziest, and weirdest stocking stuffers?  PH wins every time.

Let’s begin.

Do I even need to go on?  Yes, we shall.

It’s supposed to help if you are caught somewhere and have to ‘go’.  “Like when you are running, he suggested”.


An astronaut light.  Because sometimes you just need it.

Actually I am quite fond of this little guy.


This yellow thing.


Aha.  Perfect every time.
I wonder if he got a slice-it-dice-it along with this?  Or if he bought two, did he get a Ginsu knife with it?


Toilet paper – also ‘to go’.  Pun intended.

I feel like my personal hygiene is in question.  Or maybe its just cheap stuff to buy…..

Now you know why I lose every year (in more ways than one).  Just kidding, PH.

I never know which picture will show up with my blog heading on Facebook.  I’m a little nervous about this one.


Christmas morning.  Big cup of coffee and comfy clothes.   I gave the dogs what I thought would be a considerate gift.  Doggie Sweaters!  I got the large.  It said it was for Labradors and boxers.

You might be able to see that the holes for the front legs are right there next to his ear.  Within seconds…..     the best turtleneck ever.

Luna appeared to enjoy her neck warmer too.


Don’t worry they got some very nice chew bones.


At my feet:

The living Room.      What?


Murray has figured out Jack’s spot.


But the boxes are much better:

I get you if you come near me.


We can’t have a Christmas post without all the Grandchildren across the country:

Alistair and Ahnika in New York:


Hayden, Hunter and Peyton in N. Carolina:


and Finnegan in Oregon:

We really had a very wonderful Christmas.
PH has left for a shift at the hospital tonight and I will pick up a little and then settle in for a long winter’s night.  (I couldn’t resist).


I do want to mention a t-shirt that PH got me.  I like the saying because of where it originated from, but it actually sums up a lot of my life……


And on that note, let’s all persist in finding happiness and giving happiness.

One step at a time,