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Traveling, Visiting and Coming Clean on My Addiction

I made a mistake.   I may or may not have mentioned that while I was visiting my daughter and family that I would be in an ‘internet-free zone’.  Oh no – no blogging!    I decided to add 1GB to my Ipad.  That would last me the 10 days, right?  24 hours later I had no more data.  Apparently those automatic updates and playing a few lullabies zapped every bit! 

So guess what happens when you use your smart phone for EVERYthing?  Oh yea, I got a text that said I had 24 more days left on my month and less than 10% data.  OMG.  Did I mention that I share my data with Patient Husband?

What have I learned from this?  



Let’s get back to fun stuff.  I love the view from the airplane above Portland.


Although the temperatures were cold at my daughter’s house, the views were so pretty!

Much better than the view Patient Husband was seeing out his window in Wyoming:


I may not have helped them unpack and settle in much.  I just couldn’t leave baby Finnegan alone.   I think it may have put him in a state of shock.


He’s really very intelligent for 5 months old.  He can play the piano,


and does some serious work at his command center.


He can really chill while watching the game….

He also made some scientific or maybe anatomical discoveries.  First, he found feet.

And then he found……Yoga



and again….

I found his flexibility and his man-made teething toys amazing.


I was lucky to be there when they got their tree decorated.


There were no tears when visiting the Claus’s.   Just a true “deer-in-the-headlights” look or maybe it was “come get me now!”


Then before they started whispering “when is she ever going to leave?” I had to head home.

Half-way home – dinner at the Portland airport.


The Kale salad was h-u-g-e.  The waitress almost dared me to finish it!

And no,  I didn’t eat that piece of avocado.

As I ate my salad, I tried to decide if a Duck hat or duck socks would make good stocking stuffers.    mmmm…no.

It was nice to be home.  I had a great greeting at the airport and again once I got to the house.

And now I’m snuggled on the couch with my animals, watching all those recorded shows that have been waiting for me.   I hope you are having a peaceful day, too.

One step at a time,




Congrats to Andrew and Janae Baron (Hungryrunnergirl.com) on the birth of their little girl, Skye!