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Resolutions? New Goals? Or a Total Reset?

New Year.      New Start.        It’s like a Reset button!

And who couldn’t use that?


I can’t complain about the cold and the snow – the rest of the country is suffering even worse.

How was your New Year’s Eve?  Out to lots of Parties?  Not here.   Dinner out?  Not here.  Small intimate get-together with friends?  Not here.    Sat on couch trying your very best to stay awake until midnight?   Now you’re talking.    Actually when the ‘ball drops’ in New York City, it’s only 10:00 here, so all I had to do was make it till 10 PM.   I may or may not have made it……


So if this was you:


Here’s what you missed.


I’ve read that making a resolution is almost always doomed.  Even when you make the same ones every.single year.  Does this sound familiar?  THIS year I will lose weight and get in shape and save money.   The answer, so they say, is instead to set goals.  It’s a little difficult to differentiate the two.  But the easiest description I found is that you set smaller goals throughout the year in order to accomplish a resolution.  So now that we all understand what we are supposed to do , can we do it??????

Here are a couple of my goals.


Sleep better – no matter how cold the thermostat is set.


Stop comparing myself and just laugh more.


Try Meditation


And finally, to wake up every day this happy.


In our home, some are really trying to mend fences and become bedfellows.

A few minutes after this picture was taken, Luna woke up, saw the cat and went up and over the back of the couch!


Raise your hand if you want a biscuit.


I’m sorry cats are not served here.

Please don’t put a curse on me……



I’ve seen this saying so much recently.  All the running forums and running facebook groups show people running in unbelievable cold weather.  They have frozen eyelashes and beards and it makes me feel so guilty and unworthy as a runner.    Then I saw this:

And I thought ahhhh yes, I am not alone.

And hopefully I will put down my goals on a calendar to make it easier for me to reach them.  I will share with you soon.

Let’s all wake up happy !


One step at a time,