Daily Archives: February 8, 2018

Squeezing Five Days Into One Blog

Where has the time gone?  Let me catch you up!

The night before I was to leave Oregon, we all went out for dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurants – Georgie’s.  Finnegan was amazing the whole time.  They sat us at a table with a great view.  Tough to see because of the reflection, but it’s the ocean at sundown.

This seafood fondue was beyond fabulous.

We also took some pictures of Finn for his 7 month birthday.   I sat him on his big bear..

And then….

I do believe we have a baby with a sense of humor.


Saturday morning before we left, I fed my little crab.
Oh my gosh I miss him.

On our way to Portland, we stopped to eat.   Yes, I started eating healthier right  AFTER  this french toast.


When I boarded the plane in Portland, it was warm enough that I carried my coat over my arm.   When I arrived in Billings, it was 16 degrees, snowing, and under a Winter Storm Warning all the way home.  Welcome home, Wyoming style.  Sheridan looked deserted.

Patient Husband and all the critters were happy to see me.  Dogs and cats were vying for a spot on my lap.

The next morning:


Is it just me or does everyone’s motivation to exercise/workout/run disappear with this weather?

It’s just plain frigid.

I have so many shows on my DVR to catch up on.    It’s amazing how they accumulate in 3 weeks.  I see some  binge-watching in my future.

Please do not disturb.


One step at a time,