Running ragged and into the wind

Sorry for the delay in this post.  We lost internet on the evening of the race (last night).  So here is yesterdays post:

The alarm went off at 5 a.m.  My first action was to check the weather report.   Yep raining and now we have Tornado Watch added!  Yikes!


I looked out the window and sure enough it didn’t look nice.  Every 20 minutes or so we got an email from the race officials.  One mentioned that they were changing the course somewhat.  In the original map we were to run out to the end of a pier and back and that had been eliminated.  Too dangerous.  Then after 6:00 sometime they moved the start time to 8 a.m. instead of 7.


Finally it was time to go.  We went to get on Big Red, which we drove around all day the day before.  Nope – even the scooter didn’t want to go out in this.



As we drove to the start line in our car, Patient Husband was shocked how many crazy runners were heading there too.  What?  He thought it was just me?


Although I don’t have an exact number of runners, when I saw the final results it looked like maybe 2,000 or so.  I started with a rain jacket but that had to go in the first mile – way too hot.  Then the second time my hat blew off, I carried it the rest of the way.  The funniest cheer I heard while running with the wind and rain hitting me in the face was, “SMILE! You’re in paradise!!”


I actually felt good going out the first miles.  That’s me in the white hat above.  But the last 7 miles were heading straight into those high winds.  I never anticipated how tired that would make me.  But  I wanted that medal!  My finish time was 2:24 — WHAT?   You thought I was fast?   HAHA.   I did expect a faster time – even a PR with such a flat course.  I was bummed. (Proud of my medal, but bummed).  Then I checked the records for my age group.  I was 9th – again bummed.  But then I noticed there were 50 in my age group so I was a little happier.


In case you can’t see the cool wine bottle stopper, check it out here:


No tornado was keeping me away from that!

After a nap, we had dinner at Pepe’s – a very….um…scary-looking restaurant from the outside.


But on the inside?  Great people and wonderful food.  And look how your bill arrives!

IMG_1318 IMG_1317

While in there, there were several other runners (I could tell because they still had their shirts and medals on)  Its very hard to take the medal off.  I mean – it goes with everything!  Anyway I asked about their times and if they were affected by the wind.  To my great happiness, they said yes.  They even told me their times were off by 10 minutes!  That would have had me tie my PR!  Oh I felt so much better.  Then we were off for my true reward I had been waiting for.  A double dip (black cherry and cookie dough) ice cream cone.  Ahhhh  Life is good.



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