Friday Fasting, Fall Photos, and So Much More

Friday was a day of  “liquids only”.  Lots of coffee and chicken broth.   You might think, “Oh, here she goes on another crazy diet”.    Wrong.  One diet I wouldn’t do is a fast, or a liquid diet.  Then “why” you ask.  Because …  (I’m whispering)   I had a colonoscopy scheduled for Saturday.



I had an eye appointment early.  So outfitted with new glasses, new contacts (and I even snagged a very cool pair of sunglasses), I decided to drive around.  Being home would just put food in front of me and now it would be very sharp with my new eyesight!


The fall color is still very pretty here so I took a bunch of pictures.  Here are my favorites:




I considered going for a walk with these ladies, but they didn’t take kindly to me.  I don’t understand why because I’ve been called a turkey more than once….



I keep my 3rd horse (Kazmir) with my neighbor’s horse so they can be buddies.  My neighbors are out of town for a few days so I am going up to feed them (the horses, not my neighbors) each day.   Friday evening when I got there, Kazmir and Ryan were W-A-A-Y out in the pasture.  Kazmir actually heard me when I called him….


Don’t you just want to kiss him? 🙂

No need to talk to you about the hours between 5 PM Friday and 10 AM Saturday.  Lets just say they happened.  Actually my appointment on Saturday went great and I was given another 10 years before I have to re-live that fun.  An interesting thing was that my resting pulse there was in the 40s.  That’s quite low.  They asked me if I was a runner.  Happily I could answer yes.

So its Sunday now for you and I doubt you have any excitement that can beat mine, but I hope your weekend is going well.  Try to get outside at least for a little bit.  Winter is coming!

One step at a time,



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