Getting More Sun in Daylight Savings Time

Got all your clocks turned back?  Of course.    I used to hear people complain that this one hour would really mess them up.  Really ?   One hour?  But today I read of the effects of daylight saving time on people.  It’s actually not the one hour that bothers them, its the loss of sunlight.

That earlier sunlight in the morning is not quite as effective as the daylight in the afternoon because we are usually indoors during those hours.   So because of this change, depression is much more likely.  They recommend either getting outside for an early morning walk, or get a “light box” to bring light into your home.

I’m pretty sure that I have never gotten this ‘seasonal affective disorder’ because  I have my own “light box”.  You may call it a refrigerator.  Yep I open it so frequently that the light bulb inside keeps me happy.



See?  He’s got the right idea.


After working Saturday morning,  I got outside and it was another beautiful day.  Perfect temperatures for running.   Oh, that’s right – no one around here is running.

Anyway, it was so nice, these guys and girls decided to enjoy their beach.



I then spent the whole afternoon/evening binge-watching “The Killing” on Netflix.  Oooh its good!

Now enjoy your Sunday.  This coming week will be a doozy.  But we’ll get through it.  One more little piece of advice:


One step at a time,




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