One Step at a Time, No Matter Where You Are Going

When we left Vail the other day I had a chance to get some great pictures of the Rockies and all its’ winter glory.

Here the sun was trying to come out:


We stopped at a Whole Foods in nearby Frisco.  So exciting to find products that we can’t get in Sheridan.


On the drive home, we still had high wind warnings in Wyoming and saw the carcasses of all the trucks from the day before.



We did stop for a meal that was sooo good at Outback.  We asked for no butter on the food and none of that fabulous bread….


When we arrived home, we had two very nice things to enjoy.  The horses loving the sun and the temperatures that are no longer in the negative.


And, two, THESE BROWNIES arrived from sister-in-law and brother-in-law Bob and Kim.  Thank you!


I finally have gotten some wrapping done.


Murray helped me pick out bows and ribbons.

I’ve got to get this all done!


When I sign off each day, I use ‘One step at a time’, not just referring to running but because it means so many different things to everyone.  It means to keep moving toward your goal and dreams even if it’s just one step.   In that same thinking, I found this:

One step at a time,






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