Here We Come 2017!

2017 is here.  We made it!  Are you wondering how I celebrated and partied?  Well I got up at 11 a.m. this morning – does that tell you anything?

My New Years Eve started with a man-cold.  Why do I call it that?  Because women know that when a man gets a cold – it’s a near-death experience.  It was  is that bad.  I have no idea where this came from.  I don’t know of anyone I was around that had a cold but no matter….it has arrived.

And of course, we always look so good when we have a cold:


I thought of writing a very memorable “New Year’s Eve” blog saying all those perfect things.  I had soup….   Then I took two nighttime cold medicine capsules.

Then I woke up this morning.  No ball dropping at midnight, no fireworks, just me snoring away sleeping.

I did take some nice snow pictures on New Years Eve day.  We keep getting wind and snow and more wind.  So let’s enjoy the pictures.

You know I like hay bale pictures.


The base of my road looking at our mountains.



Back at home, we all had different ways of bringing in the new year.  Close and cuddly…


And ….oh how do I even describe this?


Even the deer settled in.

Happy New Year from Murray.  He wanted to see why Jack kept climbing up here….


Good-bye 2016.

I will admit that for the first time I can actually say I am glad to see one year gone.  2016 has been tough.  Physically – in so many ways.  But its been a tough year in other ways too.  And now I am so ready to get on with life.  Obviously good health should be the top of everyone’s list.   I want to run again.  But  speed will no longer be my top priority.  Running smart and hopefully in some half marathons because I love it.  Food.  Ahhh, I love that too.  Somehow this year I want to find a middle ground.  No one should live without ever having their favorites: ice cream, pizza, etc.  So searching for that healthy-for-me with occasional treats way of life is another goal.

I am very excited about my new Grandson arriving in July and I am hoping to spend plenty of time getting to know him.  I also have plans to stay with my Grandson and Granddaughter in NY  this spring.  I hate being so far away.  And a trip to North Carolina to see my other son and his wife would be wonderful.    Since my move to Wyoming and losing both my parents,  being away from my family has been almost excruciating.  So that will become a priority.

So I hope you are setting some goals/hopes/resolutions that are possible.  Something to strive for but also possible so you won’t give up.  There is hope out there.  Give someone hope this year.  There is love out there and people that need it.  So reach out.  There is someone  who could really use it.  And strive for what is right.    In your life.   In this world.

This is a new start.  Lets make the most of it.


One step at a time,






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