Weekend Wandering, Wading, Wallowing and Waddling

Aloha!  Friday was beach day!!!  We went early – at least we felt it was early – and the parking lots were packed.  The beach was so nice.  I have to show you some pictures.

The walk to the beach:

I could have snorkeled all day long.  We saw some very unusual fish and several sea turtles!  One was so close to us, that we had to swim in reverse as fast as we could.


While on the beach we saw a creative couple.   They both put this into the sand.


And then with a push of a button….Voila – a homemade beach umbrella.

It was a long, fun day that ended with a lot of sunburned knees!


Saturday started out with a wonderful brunch at a restaurant called “MaLa”.  This was our view.

And this was my omelet:


And this was PH’s french toast:

It tasted as good as it looks!

In town is a famous Banyon Tree.   It is so cool.  If you don’t know about Banyon trees, read a little bit about  it here.  This is all ONE tree!


Then a little follow-up shopping and then we took off on a road trip to the northern tip of Maui.  Magnificent views.  Are you getting tired of my pictures of the ocean?  Only a couple more days, folks.

looks like a postcard:


We came upon this church with a little roof problem.


Thank goodness for this sign out front.    It was helpful.


We also stopped at Julia’s Authentic Banana Bread stand.


Another wonderful day.

With only 2 more days, we are planning a beach day again tomorrow .  I can’t get enough snorkeling!  Its good exercise for my legs, right?


One step at a time,




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