Coastal Runs, Drives, and Eats Before Returning Home

I’m back in Wyoming with Patient Husband and all the critters.  So let’s catch up.  On Monday, I went out for another run, 3-1/2 miles, stopping to take pictures so you could see my views.

Then when I got back, it was coffee time.



It was such a nice day, I  took the pups for a short ride along the coast because I could tell they wanted to.

It was my last evening, so we went for a fantastic dinner at Georgies.   Stuffed Flounder – do I need to say more?

It was tough leaving.  The next time I will be there, it will be baby time!

Some ‘welcome home’ photos.

This morning, I woke to double-digit wind speeds.   I had to take the Labradoodles to the new groomer, at 9 so I thought I’d run a trail while off the mountain.

I headed out of the trailhead – uphill. The wind smacked me straight on.  I kept trying, honest I did.  But the wind….

It was exactly like this.  Well, except there were no palm trees or water…

I pushed for just 1-1/2 miles.  When I got back in the car – it was actually rocking from the wind.   (I am really trying hard to get you to understand, aren’t I?)

After lunch it was time to pick up the doodles.  They are so soft and fluffy and of course, wearing the compulsory pink bows and bandana.


Jack and Jill seem to be discussing something very serious.


I came across this picture the other day.  Do you realize there is actually a place that sells donuts stuffed with ice cream????

I’m not sure if I will have dreams or nightmares about these……


One step at a time,



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