Reading, Riding, But No Arithmetic

When I went for my run early Sunday, I saw a bunch of hot air balloons.    I wasn’t fast enough to catch them though.  So the best I could do was get them as little black spots.


We finally got out on a real ride on the horses.  They did beautifully. 


Between the mid-70s temperatures and the beautiful views, it was a really nice day.


Patient Husband has been binge-watching his series – The Wire.  I thought I would like it because its a cop show that takes place in Baltimore.  But for some reason I just haven’t liked it.  So I’ve been reading a book.  Yes, I hold a book in my hands and read it! 









I have been so hooked on audio books that reading a hard cover book feels strange.  Patient Husband actually ordered this  book for me and did a great job.  I love it.  I’m about 1/2 way through it  and highly recommend.


As I was changing the bed, Jake took advantage of it.


I’m not sure what to think about this.


Hope your week is going well.

One step at a time,









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