Food, Flavors and Fuel

We headed to Costco for some necessary items.  I love Costco but its a 2-hour trip – one way.  Its in Billings, Montana so we only go about once a month and hit any other stores we might want to go to.

Because we are on this 28 day eating plan, we had to pack our lunch. Pork Tenderloin in ‘sprouted grain’ bread and fruit.  We couldn’t stop laughing because the sandwich was so dry our tongues were sticking to the roof of our mouths.


SOMEone should have remembered plates….


Between Costco and a health food store, we found some interesting things to try.

IMG_2499 IMG_2500

Halfway between Sheridan and Billings, in the middle of NOWHERE, we saw this.  Apparently in December a truck driver pulled his truck over and decorated this lone tree in the median.  Wish I could thank him….


Although this picture is deceiving, it is at least 10′  high.  How did he get the top decorated?

Dinner was  tenderloin,


And a mixture of Quinoa and Kale (it was good, honest.)



I decided to try some supplements for running.  After doing some on-line research I decided on the brand Vega SportIt’s gluten-free and no sugar added.  I got the Vega Sport pre-workout energizer packets.  I mean, Energizer?  Who wouldn’t want that?


The directions say to mix with cold water and drink about 20 minutes before exercise.  I got the Acai Berry flavor.   Can’t wait to try it.

The other item is Vega sport Performance Protein.  Also gluten and sugar-free.  I got the vanilla flavor.  Its for repair and recovery.

So I wish you energy and recovery!





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