Barns, bales, and an upper body workout!

Today was ranch chore day.  I made sure not to look at the temperature as I headed to the barn.


I fed and watered the guys and then realized I couldn’t put off the real work any more.

You see when you take this:


and add this:

IMG_2481 IMG_2494

and this:IMG_2482you get lots and lots of this:


But I was dressed for the occasion and couldn’t wait to get started.  (this picture may or may not have been taken a while ago):




Anyway, many of the animals were willing to help.



I got 8 wheelbarrow loads out of there.  I kept reminding myself that while I was shoveling, pushing, pulling, and dumping, I was working my arms, shoulders, and legs.  I’m sure when I wake up tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you if there were any other muscles used.  I also found out that the wind chill was 17º out there.  Luckily, I was only out in the wind when I left the protection of the corrals.

But in the end it is all worth it when I get to go out and enjoy this:


Have a great day.




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