A 3-Dog, 3-Cat, 2-Horse Kind of Day

Waking up on a Friday, and on my day off, and its pouring rain means…….roll over and sleep a little more.  How nice is that?    All I had today was to make some calls and a late afternoon farrier appointment.  So while it rained, I drank a pot of coffee, did some reading, and fed the dogs way too many biscuits.  Isn’t that the saying?  A way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach?   It works for me.



It also occurred to me that I should be thankful.  For once I am thankful that I am not in training and would have to go out in that rain and run!


I say that but actually as I looked at pictures of people running in the rain, I still miss it.


Late afternoon in the barn with my horse buds.  First a fashion fitting of new fly masks.


Perfect.  And they are made to be used while riding, too.  Boom.


Then we talked about how he has recklessly kicked off all four shoes and he was in need of a pedicure.  Durango sorta being good while Adam comes to the rescue.



Banjo showing off his pretty feet.



While heading into town, these big boys were ready to cross the road.


Impressive, huh?  Can anyone tell me why the big 10-pointer is a different color?  Is he older?  I don’t know but they are beautiful, even when they decided to leave.


When I tell you that I spoil my dogs, don’t ever think that I forget my crazy cats.  See how I provide the utmost comfort to Murray.


We checked out a riding trail that Adam suggested and hopefully we will be able to get there tomorrow.  I am only 11 days from my next hand surgery so I’ve got to squeeze in some horse and motorcycle riding as much as I can!


Sooo, putting one foot in front of the other…..




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