A day in Pictures

Remember when I was complaining about the wind (how can I forget, you say)?  I guess I should be glad I don’t live in Western Wyoming.  In today’s news:

 Beartooth Highway Closed Due To Winter Conditions
CODY, Wyo. (Jul. 11, 2016) The Beartooth Pass Highway is closed due to winter conditions according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

Here in Big Horn, the weather today was very nice.  I started off by calling my foot doctor.   I needed something to help me with the unbearable, excrutiating,   really uncomfortable pain.  He suggested anti-inflammatories on a regular basis as well as taping my foot.  He even told me the Youtube video to watch on how to tape it.



This afternoon I put on some running shoes, grabbed my coffee,  and went walking in the fields where the ground is fairly soft.


Those little dots out in the distance might be my dogs.



When we went into town, I could distinctly hear someone in the back seat saying, “Mom, she’s touching me”



All I said was “Anyone want popcorn?”



If you are like me, and you have said “I don’t dance” hundreds of times through your lifetime – maybe you should watch Nathan:



Sooo, dance like no one’s watching.



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