A day of Reading, Writing but no Arithmetic

The forecast for the weather was a High Wind Advisory starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.  Well at about 3 a.m. it started.  It woke me up and it felt like the roof would fly off.  Then throughout the day the wind calmed down and picked up.  Have you gotten the feeling that its windy in Wyoming?


I spent the day indoors.  I put some of my recorded shows on and completed some chores I’ve been putting off for way too long.  I also am keeping up with the Serial 1 podcast updates.


We ran down to the post office and Patient Husband got a package he said was for me for Valentine’s Day.  WHAT???   What happened to just a nice card?  grrrr.  So I did some rapid web shopping to find the right thing that would arrive in time.


As I was on-line I found some things I’d like to share with you

hunter runningscissors

Sometimes its better to not find out any more……

I also found some motivational statements:

signs index2

and some things that remind me of ME


And something that just made me laugh


This afternoon I put on a large pot of my favorite Chicken Salsa Chili.


So after getting the horses put up and fed we sat down to a yummy dinner.


And now, since I watched all my programs during the day, Patient Husband has chosen to watch politics tonight.



What are you doing this Saturday night?

Do you have Super Bowl plans?



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