A Difficult 48 hours


As I expected, Moose passed away on Monday. I don’t have to say much as all you animal lovers understand the heartache. Just thinking of him now makes me tear up.  I took this early in the morning before we left for the Vet.


Even Gus acted like he was mourning. Lying down quietly but not sleeping. Gus was only 6 weeks old when he came to live with Moose, so he doesn’t understand living without his BFF. (Barking friend forever). I will share a few of my favorite pictures of Moose and then I will try to move on.


He loved his duck and he loved to swim.



We traveled to Colorado yesterday for my 6 week post-surgery appointment.  It’s a 7-1/2 hour drive so we had to leave the day before. Long before we got close to Denver, the traffic was terrible.  I no longer like traffic jams because around us we can wave at every car that passes by.


The big city skyscrapers of Denver.


We ate at a great restaurant in Idaho Springs called Tommyknockers Brewery. Very nice with yummy food.



Can someone tell me why Idaho Springs is in Colorado????


Then up into the mountains and through a mini-blizzard to our destination – Frisco.  We fell in love with Frisco. The mountains are amazing.



The adorable main street and even the streetlights!



We tried to ignore the snowbanks. But when it snows at 9,000 feet, you can’t miss these monstrous piles of snow. It’s a place we like to visit but can’t afford to live!


The Doc at the Steadman Clinic was pleased with my x-rays and the flexibility I have regained and gave me a full release. No more cast!

Oh no! I have to work again!  Please say it isn’t so…



We also talked about doing the surgery  on my left hand in September. (It will be a little more complicated) That gives me spring and summer to play.  Horses!  Motorcycles!  Pottery!

On the way back from Frisco, we stopped in Denver at the Apple store. Apparently every email for the last 10 years has been saved in an archive file on my laptop.   Yes all 34,000 of them. I wouldn’t make that up. I have tried numerous times to delete them from archives but the Apple Genius that was helping me explained that as I deleted them, the big google email in the sky would see I have room and would download more.


He couldn’t do anything for me because in 10 years I haven’t backed up my laptop. Is that bad?

So I left there with instructions on what to do after I backup my stuff. I’m so ashamed…..



So heads up – back up that computer!!  And tonight give that lovable furball you have an extra pat or hug, they give us so much more in return.




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