A Dog Loving Day

Someone told me it was National dog day.   National dog day, really?  Do we send cards?  I’m not sure what it means.  But I think it gives me permission to put even more pictures of my dogs in today’s blog.

After work today the dogs were very happy to see me and started racing all over the house.




It can get quite loud and crazy in a house with 3 dogs jumping and racing and barking.  So we ‘took it outside’.


Playing makes them very thirsty:


George de Mestral invented velcro.  I truly believe that he owned a Labradoodle and that is how he got the idea.



This is why I’ve always had a dog (or two) in my home.  I think every child needs a dog.


And finally,

Mail Attachment-3

I hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer and the weather stays warm so you are not having a 3-dog-night.  I must end this dog and pony show.

Now moving along – one step at a time.



2 thoughts on “A Dog Loving Day

  1. Happy National dog day to you Anne! I think dogs are the only thing on this earth that love us through thick and thin and unconditionally, til the day we die. Everything we say or do is perfect to them….they just want to love us and be loved. Not sure what we did to deserve this but yes times 1000, every child needs a dog. 🙂

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