A Girl Not on a Train, Not on a Plane, Just Home on Her Couch

It’s 10 a.m. in Portland Oregon and I should be on a plane from Seattle almost ready to land.  Nope, I’m sitting in my kitchen typing this post!

Yesterday my daughter, who cares about my health , sent me this:

Forecasters at the National Weather Service have thrown out previous predictions of flooding in the Portland area on Tuesday, and instead say the region might be in for “a significant ice event” Tuesday morning.

Freezing rain is expected to hit the Portland area early Tuesday morning — possibly just in time for the commute, from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. And forecasters have announced a “winter storm watch” for the Portland area, Salem, Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette Valley and the northern Oregon coast.

Niiiice.  Because she added that Oregon cannot handle this crazy winter weather, I went with her recommendation and called the airline.  I love Alaska Airlines.  Because some of the flights into Portland (but not mine yet) were ‘pre-cancelled’, they let me cancel my flight with no penalty fee!

So here I am safe and sound trying to pick another  set of dates.

Luna and Jake went in for their final checkups.  Luna had her staples out and Jake got some cream for an irritated ‘area’.  hmmmm whose job will THAT be?

Yesterday I had a good day at PT.  I’m dong a lot of stretches, balance exercises and walking forward and backward while he puts resistance bands on me.  I have to admit I feel like a mule out plowing the field.



But seriously here is something for you to try.  Balancing on one foot is always a good routine to get into.  Its something that people lose quickly.  So if you’re standing at the kitchen counter, or waiting on the 50 copies at the copier, try standing on one foot.  You will regain that balance soon.

Now for all you smarty-pants who think you can balance just fine, try it with your eyes closed.  I was shocked.  It was hard for me to get to 10 seconds!  And you never know when it will come in handy!!


One (balanced) step at a time,




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