A Good Run Makes Me Feel Good All Day

Started out today with a good 6 mile run at 9:43/mile.  I started out thinking a 5 miler but I had the time and things felt good.  I love it when I still feel good when I’m done.  After breakfast, PH headed for bed and (with large cup of coffee in hand) headed for the couch to watch the morning news.


I woke up more than 2 hours later!!!


It turned out to be a cloudy, damp day and seemed perfect for watching old movies.  Well not actually old, old – like black and white or anything.  But movies like “Catch me if you Can”, “Just Like Heaven” and “limitless”.  Lucky for me, the chores I needed to do (vacuum, dust, dishes) could all be done within view of the t.v.



I’m not sure if this is cuddling or smothering.



What a face.



Yesterday I showed an article on a 90 yr. old runner.  Here is an ULTRArunner  and ironman who is 85!

85-year-old Lew Hollander Looking For 24th Kona Finish
Kona veteran Lew Hollander is pioneering the 85–89 age group on the Big Island this October.

After finishing the Ironman World Championship more than 20 times, you’d think 85-year-old Lew Hollander would love Kona. Notsomuch. “It’s horrible,” he says, laughing. “It’s the ugliest, toughest race. … Every year I say, ‘I’m never going to do this again. Never, never.’”
He already holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest man to finish the Ironman World Championship (at 82).

Hollander is pushing boundaries in more than just triathlon, though—his athletic background is in endurance horseback riding, for which he’s in the hall of fame for being the oldest person to ever finish in the world championship, a feat he accomplished again this year.  Between horseback riding and triathlon, Hollander was an ultrarunner and completed the Western States 100-mile race in 1984. He was looking for the next challenge when he raced Ironman Hawaii in 1985.

There are three things Lew said that I would like to emphasize:

“ I look in the mirror and say, ‘Lew, did you do the best you could today?’ And if I can answer myself, ‘Yes,’ that’s all I care about.”

Use it or lose it. “All these people say, ‘Aren’t your knees giving out?’ I say, ‘Hell no, I use them all the time! They keep working.’”

Go anaerobic every day. “How do you know when you’re anaerobic? When you can’t breathe! … I think some magic things happen to your whole system when you push it to the max.”

See?    You’re never too old !


Now its time to air your dirty laundry.  Well not really, but did you know that athletic wear and ‘outdoor’ wear should be washed differently?  Because PH tells me I have way too much running gear (as I am perusing the catalogs), I have to make my stuff last as long as possible.

First, if you have clothes that are supposed to be made to keep the cold out or keep you cool, or anything like that, never use fabric softener.  The softener keeps the fabric from doing its job.

Here is a guide for your clothes, shoes, and more.  Even your hat and yoga mat!

Well, tomorrow is a new week.   Don’t dread it, make the most of it.  Decide on making one good thing happen each day.

Then, let me know what those things were!







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