A Good Saturday Suddenly Turns Horrible

I never left the couch.  Well except for lunch and coffee refills.  Hey – no judging here.  The rain never ever stopped.  So I had a decision to make.  Watch movies or watch a documentary on building an ark.


I started with Message in a Bottle.  Ok I love this movie.  I know the beginning the middle, and the end.  And still the tears flow and flow.  God, I love that movie.  🙂    Why would you pick that movie, you might ask.  Because I really have no interest in building an ark.


Then the day turned upside down.  My baby doodle, Jake, got hit by a truck.  The truck slowed but then took off.   His poor little back leg is pretty messed up.  We got him to the vet and he will be there until Monday when we find out about possible surgery.  But they promised to call me tomorrow and give me an update.


I mean…..look at that face!

Giving the others some extra lovin’ tonight…..






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