A Hop, a Skip, and a Jump

After work today,  I gathered up my courage and called the specialist who put the cast on my leg.  I explained that my foot was hurting after a day of work and  even felt some rubbing on the ball of my foot.  He said, “Get off that damn foot.  We gave you a crutch, girl, use it!!”    Well that’s not exactly what he said.  He was very polite and helpful.  But I’m sure that’s what he wanted  to say to me.

Why am I complaining that a Dr. is telling me to sit on the couch?

After I got off the phone I got my crutch and it all brought back memories of me trying to dance. Step forward with the left foot, then step forward with the cast and crutch at the same time, putting a little more weight on the crutch. Now, left foot. Oops, hop on the right foot…no the left foot….the crutch and left foot forward.  No.  Start again.

Who knew that you needed rhythm to walk with a crutch?  Has there every been a report of someone breaking their other leg after tripping on their crutch?

Since this was my first day down the mountain since the snow fell, I was in awe of the beauty of the snow.  I really think that is the only purpose of snow – to make beautiful pictures.

The road into Big Horn.



A fence,  some snow-laden trees and blue sky.  Need anything else?




Oh yea – a stream works, too.



One of my favorite ranch entrances…fullsizeoutput_389b


Well I guess that’s all that’s going on at the El Rancho.  Sometimes we all need a little, umm, rubbing/scratching/hugging?



One step at a time (especially when using a crutch),



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  1. How’s it going with the crutch? Are you going to work today? Loved the beautiful photos:)


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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