A Little Monday Madness

Sunday was a beautiful day unfortunately I spent it outside the barn shoveling – you know what. Thank goodness I remembered to put my gloves on before I developed blisters. Common sense, right? Not so common in here.

Jill was very excited to see me.

Or so I like to imagine.

The horses were very happy to show me their fly disguises.


And Durango likes to give me that ‘eye’ so that I’ll give him extra feed.

It worked.


The horses stood right beside me as I shoveled so I had a serious discussion on taking care of their waste and what could be just common courtesy on their part. They seemed to take it under consideration.

Every wheelbarrow load, they walked to and from the dumping location as if they had to approve what I was doing with it. (Can’t you just go eat grass like normal horses and give me some space??) At one point Banjo and I bent down at the same time and he was so close he head-butted me!  I have no pictures.  I was seeing stars.


I kept telling myself what a good workout this was – upper body and arms and all. I got 8 wheelbarrow loads done and then I was done.  This is EXACTLY how I looked minus the red hair, great body and the dumbbell.



Its now Monday morning and we are on the road again. It was very difficult to console Jack that we were leaving for 24 hours.



The dogs on the other hand were lining up very pretty so that we would cave in and take them with us.   Makes me cry but ….. they had to stay.


We are heading for a Jackson Browne concert! Woohoo! I am very excited and it will be at the “Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver.



I should have some great pictures to share. So off we go. Rock on! (is that from the 70’s?)


Anyway,….one foot in front of the other…..



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