A little Running, a Little Nature, and Cleaning Away Winter

Lots of things have been going on around here.   I think this may be a Grandma.  There were 4 babies lying around her. 

We’ve had some ‘spring-like’ weather lately so I’ve been able to be outside more.  That always makes me feel better.   I’ve been able to run twice outside – 3 miles.  I’ve noticed that I am so nervous about not getting injured again, that with every twinge or ache I get I start worrying.  But then I realized that these aches and pains are just related to the fact that I am feeling things that all new runners can expect to feel.  Things like sore legs and glutes.  So now I am happy to feel this – it means my muscles are working and maybe I’m getting in shape.

Some sandhill cranes talking about important bird things.

We slowed down because we though we saw a hawk sitting on a post .  But it was not a hawk.

Isn’t he adorable?



We had a friend over to the house.  When he saw the doodles’ new cut, he said they looked like carpet.


Well, as a matter of fact…..

Today was another pretty day, so I decided to get some more cleaning done.  THE GARAGE.  Ugh.

First I needed to work on the floor.


So I got out the tools.

Leaf Blowers aren’t just for leaves any more……


Anyway, I got a good jump start on getting it all cleaned.  Porch furniture and gas grill moved outside but the biggest sign of spring?  The chains and plow came off the truck.

Now you may be wondering, “It’s April 12, and they still had the chains and plow on the truck??”.  Yes and as a matter of fact, this is the earliest we’ve taken them off!  It’s Wyoming, after all.


Then I moved up to the pasture.  Time for the snow fences to come down.   I got them all off the posts and rolled up.  Removing the posts and getting those rolled up fences out of the pasture will be left for another time when Patient Husband can help.


When I was cleaning the floors, the cats waited not so patiently.  They are supposed to be BARN cats.

Sorry about all the nose prints on my door….

I feel very satisfied and a little exhausted tonight.  Thats a good way to feel.

One step at a time,





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