A Little Trail Running and a Lot of Randomness

Lots of random things today.  Last night there was just a weird color when I looked outside.


This was the view out the other side of the house:


Took the dogs for a swim.



What exactly are Jake’s ears doing?


At least they aren’t quite like this:


Just as pretty as my usual hay bale pictures!


I didn’t get out for a run till late this afternoon.  So I went up to a nearby trail.   I think the reason I like trail running is that I’m not  thinking about speed and pace.  Instead, I am  concentrating on what’s around me,  branches, roots, rocks and how I will run up and down the ditches or gullies.  It’s much more interesting I guess.   It’s nice to switch it up once in a while.


Waiting for a belly rub:


And now as you are ending the work week, here’s a morning chuckle.


Have a great Friday!


One step at a time,


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