A Newsworthy Saturday

What a beautiful day it was today – almost 68º.  Of course we had our usual wind but still a beautiful day.
I took this picture of the sunrise from inside the house today.  I thought it was kinda cool.  The center window covering was up.  Seems strange, but we have more beautiful sunrises here than anywhere I’ve been – including Key West!
Update on Jake.  He is feeling really good lately.  Unfortunately that means he wants to run, jump, and play with the others.  He does not want to be confined any more.  Here he is with his ‘boot socks’ on to keep him from attacking the bandages.
Gus knows how to get a biscuit from me every time.
Went for a ride today and Luna tried to squeeeeeeze into the front seat with Gus.
I know you must be like me and dread looking at the news and headlines every day.  So I thought I’d sort through them and share with  you only the things you might enjoy.  No politics.  No violence.  Nothing sad.  So here we go:
Escaped Llama.
… llama made a quick pit stop at Punkari’s driveway, where her son, Davin, and husband Nate Mahon paused to take a selfie with the animal.
This Emu is looking into the window of a police car in Arizona.   “He went that-a-way”.
This is Azaelea.  He is in a zoo in Korea.  It is said that he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.  He doesn’t inhale.
A large pile of sea lions.  They take sunbathing very seriously.
Just because you have to smile.
Of course she is……
Now wasn’t that better???   Now just a couple of signs……
Well that’s enough for one night.  I’m sure I’ll find more.  I seem to be wide-awake tonight….  Anyone else???????
My new nightlight.
It’s Sunday – enjoy it – however you want to!!!!
One step at a time,
Happy Birthday Peyton!


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