A Quote, A Prognosis, and My New Training Schedule

“Nothing  says it’s time for spring like black snow “.

  -  Anne Levy


Don’t you love famous quotes?

Now it’s time to give you an update on my  life-long    prolonged injury.

Once upon a time, I ran and ran.  I loved to run.


I could run and run and race 1/2 marathons and never be hurt.



Then one day in early June my foot hurt.  I’ll just take a few days off, I said.  Everyone said it must be Plantar Fasciitis.  Everyone (including a podiatrist) told me to do stretches.  Buy this $300  insole, he said.  Months went by, more and more pain.

Go to a specialist, said Patient (and very smart) Husband.  5 Months after my injury, Dr. Clanton (my hero) explained that I had torn the fascia away from my heel bone in 3 places.  I understand.  Torn Fascia = lots of pain.

Six weeks in a hard cast for immobilization.  Four weeks in a ‘boot’.  Four weeks weaning from said boot and physical therapy.

Fast Forward to last Tuesday’s visit with Dr. Clanton:

After checking my foot, Dr. Clanton  confided that he had totally expected  to have to operate on my foot! He was surprised that it had actually healed without the surgery.

We discussed the progress I’ve made in physical therapy and what I was to continue to do at home.  He explained that it is important to strengthen not only my foot, but my entire leg, hip and core.  He also wants my Hoka One One running shoes to be my “go-to” shoes.

Of course I couldn’t wait to ask about running.  So I asked him when (and how) could I get back to running.  As he proceeded to tell how, panic set in.    It sounded like it would be sooooo long till I am actually running.  Here is his schedule for me:

  1.  Run in a pool, starting shoulder deep and then progressing to shallow end.
  2. Walking on treadmill.
  3. When weather cooperates, start walking/running on inside, grassy area of track.  (It’s the softest surface).  Walking on the straight-aways, running around the curve.  Gradually increasing the running.


4.  Slowly move to hard surfaces.


See you all at the 2020 half marathons !!!!!


I’m not sure it won’t take that long and I’m ready to begin!  I hope you are too.

One step at a time,




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