A Saturday to Savor

Today was just a nice Saturday all around.  We spent the morning working on some much-needed landscaping around the front of our house and although we barely started I think its going to look very nice (or at least keeps our house from looking abandoned).

Then this afternoon I sat outside with the dogs, reading and just loving this good weather.  I have been making some plans on when I start running again.  Things like start slow and increase mileage gradually.  Start out on running trails that will be easier on my feet/body.  Run better and further than I ever have in my entire life.  Well that actually isn’t part of my plan but wouldn’t it be a nice outcome?

I found 2  interesting new safety gadgets.


A bra with a special pocket for your pepper spray.  And best of all the company is called boobytrapbras.com.

And how about an alarm?


This necklace when activated sounds a loud alarm as well as sending a text that you need help.  roarforgood.com


Back to my Saturday.  I saw this adorable guy wishing he could come outside.



And this guy just being himself:



After dinner, we sat outside enjoying our coffee and the magnificent weather.  It made me remember my first winter in Wyoming.  I was making some negative comment about the cold or the snow or the drifts or the wind and his response was, “Yea, but have you been here in the summer?”

The sky was giving us a great light show.



The dogs, when not being bookends, ran for hours….


And after I heard a very weird, screeching/barking kind of sound, started googling.  I was googling things like:  Siri, what does an elk sound like, and Siri what does a fox sound like?  The elk recording even brought the horses out of their corrals.




See what kind of fun we have here in Wyoming??

Hope your weekend is just as fun. (If that’s possible)





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