A Sleepy, Relaxing (Couch Potato) Sunday

It was just one of those days.  Ya know?  It’s single digit temperatures, snowing lightly and I did what I always say I want to do — curl up on the couch with a blanket and a fresh pot of coffee.  Nearby was a stack of magazines I need to catch up with, the remote so I can catch up with some recorded shows and my phone in case it’s my turn at Words With Friends.   Heaven.   Well, yea, some warm brownies or chocolate chip cookies would have topped it off.  Hmm, not sure you can ‘top off’ heaven.

Oh I need to bring something to your attention.  Have you ever made an attempt to eat better – you know – to give up sweets?   Have you also had people tell you that after a few weeks your craving for sugar and sweets will go away?   LIARS.   Now maybe if you’ve not eaten any sweets in 3 weeks, somehow your willpower is stronger, but my craving for those items above never, ever goes away.

Speaking of eating, I feed my horses twice a day in the winter.  First thing in the morning when I get up and around 5-ish in the evening.  When I haven’t gotten out to the barn, they show up near the windows so we can’t help but see them starving out there.  I have noticed that it is getting earlier and earlier.  Today, they started by looking in the kitchen window at 3:30.

When I didn’t respond, they showed up at the back window.

Last night a whole herd was grazing …

Even though I had to endure the bitter cold and drive on the icy roads, this was awfully pretty yesterday.


Thank you to the person who invented heated seats.

When I pick up the dog’s toys (yes, with 3 dogs there are a ton of dog toys) and put them in a basket, it’s like an invitation for them to discover  them all over again.

I did get off the couch and take the dogs out to run.  They don’t mind 8º at all.  Nor do they pay the least attention to those dark clouds moving in.

The labradoodles chase each other’s tails.   When they catch it, they will run behind holding onto the other dog’s tail.  Hysterical.


Yesterday was actually my last day of work for my part-time job.  I’m just too busy to work.  LOL.  When I go on vacation, I frequently will bring home a rock that gets my attention and make it a souvenir.    Patient husband came home and found that I had put polyurethane on my rock collection so they look as pretty as they did on the beach, etc.    W-h-a-a-a-t?  I’m just filling my new free time with more hobbies.


And now back to my  shows

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the new week.

One step at a time,




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