A Snafu, A Saturday Ride in the Countryside and The Birds!!

I have to back up to Friday night.  Remember we had this great time at the ball game?  Well it was late when we left, and we were tired, and well somehow we got lost.  We were heading to stay at a home about 1-1/2 hours north.  Well at least that was the plan.  About an hour into the drive, I turned on my Iphone GPS and it said we were over 2-1/2 hours away.  HUH???   We had driven an hour SOUTHEAST.

Plan B:  Stop at the first exit and get a hotel room.  And that’s exactly what we did.

Saturday morning we went down to the hotel breakfast at 9:30!!  Yes we were tired.  But now, in the daylight, we headed north.  We got to see a whole new view of California.  Rolling hills, farmland and vineyards.


It appears that they also grow windmills:


and smart cars:



We stopped at Armstrong Redwoods State Park


When we entered, we saw that there was a reduced price for seniors.  So PH asked the young guy at the gate “How do you define a Senior”.  He thought for a minute and said “How do I define a senior?  Well…. gray hair, gray beard, and grumpy”.  That gave us a good laugh.


This was my first time seeing these magnificent trees and I was somewhat in awe.  This place was great with loads of trails and picnic areas.



Then we headed to the coast to see Bodega Bay.  I’ve noticed any time we’ve approached the coast on this trip, the clouds settle in.  Normal, I guess.


We weren’t disappointed.  There were lots of beaches that you parked up by the road and hiked down a trail to get to the sandy beach.  Very pretty and the gray skies didn’t deter anyone.

PH is an old movie buff and knew that Bodega Bay and Bodega were areas where the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” was filmed.


If you’ve seen this movie, you are either old or you like old movies.  PH is both.  (Boy, am I gonna hear about that one)

First was a restaurant:IMG_0070

then, the old schoolhouse.


Its privately owned and lived in.  But remember the scene?



We had a very nice and relaxing dinner in KCs in Windsor and will get a good nights sleep before starting out to the vineyards tomorrow!




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