A Well-Earned Cheat Day and a Beach Run!

So much to talk about!


I’m getting pretty good at back rubs.  Well, my foot and Miko’s back.

One morning we woke to a house on fire 2 streets behind us.  Luckily no one lived there.  But with flames so close and the wind blowing, I can only imagine the terror people felt in California.


I was so surprised to see that it’s not just me who thinks graham crackers and frosting is the most heavenly of all desserts.  But “Hungry Runner” and husband share my thoughts.


But if I ate all I wanted, this is what it would be like to wake me in the morning.


A trip to the nearby outlet stores meant more adorableness at home:


Finnegan is pretty amazing in his bouncer.  Daddy attached a mirror to it and Finn was fascinated.

Who IS that?


Let me kiss you!!


For two weeks we have been eating soooooo good here (good, meaning no sugar, low carb, etc.  Not like bagels, cinnamon rolls, ice cream good).  So Last night we had to do it.  Yes, had.to.do.it.     P-I-Z-Z-A. !!!  You think I’m joking when I say I was like this:
I’m not.    I also had their stuffed cheesy bread – stuffed with spinach (a veggie) and feta cheese.  Oh My God.

All we could say, when we were not stuffing our faces, was “This is SO worth it.”


Then this morning I was out for a run (guilt?).  It was such a great run, I’d like to say it was because I carb-loaded.   🙂

5.5 miles of running along the coast.  Perfect temperatures of low 50s and not a drop of rain.  I took a bunch of pictures so I could share my run with you.   A couple of views right from the road.


Way out in the distance is the lighthouse and the view the people in the house sees every day.  Wow.

I found my way onto Agate Beach.  I just love these huge flat beaches.

I may have to purchase this house.  Or not.

What’s the next best thing to your toes in the sand?

And being the first one to run across this spot

This is the first time I have ever actually been able to run on the beach.  I smiled the whole way.

I saw a couple of things that I cannot identify.  This looked like a garden hose and yet was some kind of plant.  Anyone know??

Major dune running

Does it get any more amazing?


At the far end of the beach are stairs that take you to the lighthouse road, I was told.  A mile and a half later….. yes, that white sign signals the stairway.

Since I am not training for a triathlon I decided a swim would not be part of today’s run.

Back I headed, but I hope that will be for another run this week.


This is pretty close to my  “After my run”  look.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the last week of January.  My little sister undergoes surgery tomorrow for breast cancer, so if you have extra good thoughts and prayers for Sandy, we sure appreciate them.

One step at a time,








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  1. Lots of prayers and healing thoughts for your sister Sandy. Enjoy the rest of your tie with Finnegan – he is such a cutie!

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