About me

Hi! My name is Anne and I’m a retired Detective from North Carolina.  After I retired, I convinced my husband to pack up and move west…..way west….to Wyoming. I have 3 children all grown and spread out across the country. I have always loved to run but I have never run competitively untiI I turned 59! (2015).  I saw 60 approaching way too fast and still felt 45.  I lost both my parents in 8 months so running with a goal became healthy and therapeutic at the same time.    I decided on the 1/2 marathon as my goal and loved the challenge.

Here in Sheridan Wyoming,  I live on a ranch with 3 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a very patient husband.

By writing this blog  I hope to learn, to share, and to laugh about running and this crazy life of mine.