Across the Country I Go

Guess where I am?   East Orleans on Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

We left Wyoming for Denver on Friday, dropping the pooches off at their doggy resort enroute.  I have no doubt Jake knew exactly where he was going.  “Gulp”.

In Denver,  we stayed near the airport. Please, please tell men to stop wearing ‘manbuns’.


We were up at 4 a.m. to catch the 5 a.m. shuttle.  When we got to the lobby, they said we could jump in the waiting cab (it was for overflow) – so we did.   The driver jumped in and after a few pleasantries, started the car.  Or correctly I should say he attempted to start the car.  Dead.  As he went off in search of jumper cables, we bailed out and joined the shuttle group.

Image result for minivan broken down gif

After that everything went smoothly from Denver to Baltimore to Providence, RI.  Some pictures out my window as we approached Providence.




Unfortunately when stepping out of the plane the humidity hit me like a frying pan.

But the Cape is beautiful.  I could drive around and look at the homes all day.  Definitely my favorite style of house.

The house we are staying in is within walking distance of Nauset Beach.  It’s hard to tell but the ocean is in the view.

We have already had some good seafood and yummy deserts.  Today we did walk along the beach.  This is what we met at the entrance.

There has been a huge amount of Great White Shark sightings here.


My toes are so happy.



This is the beach patrol – looking for sharks!  We did see a huge seal very close in and that was cool.  But of course that’s why there are sharks………

As you can see – a beautiful day to walk on the beach and enjoy life.

One step at a time.





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