Aloha My Friends

Just checking in so you can check out Maui with me.  We started out yesterday morning with a 2-1/2 mile walk.  Our walk was from our condo to Bad Ass Coffee and return.

Morning.  The surfers and paddle boarders were already out.


A lot of people use the bus system here.  Make comfort where you need it.


I love this little coffee place.  Across the street is a park and the ocean.  We got our coffee and sat in the park.


My walking/running routine consisted of walking with Patient Husband, then I’d run ahead turn around and run back to PH.  Then walk a ways and repeat.  Usually I would tell you to run until you were tired/out of breath and then walk.  But because of a healing injury, I was taking it very, very easy.

I was so happy to be running again.  I can’t explain how it feels like freedom!

The plants and flowers here are amazing.  You can anticipate seeing lots of pictures in the upcoming days.


Later in the day, we went on a ‘coastal hike’ and found this labyrinth.


Here’s a picture of what I dream of all year long.  Sherri – I wiggled my toes an extra time for you!


Footprints in the sand.  Love it.


On the sidewalk, in the grass, on the beach – just take it

One step at a time,




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