An Eye Opening Experience

I actually thought this was just going to be a normal Thursday morning.  The dogs needed to go out before the alarm went off.  The alarm went off before I wanted to get up.  Some people say the mornings are much brighter due to the time change.  I don’t see it. I see dark.

Anyway after the shower, I open up my contact case.  I can’t find the contact.  So I continue to swish my finger around and around – nothing.  Maybe it fell on the counter.  I lean over and look along the counter.  Oh and remember I am contact-less (aka blind).  Nothing.  So I put in the other contact, certainly that will help.  I start to put the case away when I spot it – hanging off the side of the case.  Thank goodness.   I pop it in.


If any of you have ever worn contacts you will understand the next few hours   seconds.  Tears are pouring out of my eyes as I try to pry my eyelids apart.  I can’t do it, let alone grab that contact.  Finally, I got that little sucker out.     Glasses were the look of the day.


This is the look I was going for:


This is the look I got:


So let’s talk Turkey Day.   No, not Thanksgiving, silly.  Turkey days.  Just passin’ through guys, just passin’ through.

The dogs were quietly whining, the cats were outside – but laying low, the horses, on the other hand were quite interested.  When the turkeys got into their pasture, they actually trotted out to see them.

I left for work and saw this:

Come on….  Don’t they have any idea that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away?  This is no time to be taking a vacation.


You know how you hear of people cutting themselves with a kitchen knife – usually while rapidly chopping stuff, right?   So picture this:   While holding a plastic bag of vegetables upright with one hand, grab the sharpest knife you own and with great vigor slice across the top of the bag – straight through to the other side where your fingers are!


Completed cooking like this:
because it’s much more dramatic than a band-aid.


I watched a great movie/documentary on Netflix called “A Ballerina’s Tale”.  It’s about the life of Misty Copeland and the world of ballerinas. 

Now go out and have a great Friday!

One step at a time,



2 thoughts on “An Eye Opening Experience

  1. So yes we are sisters…..just a few days ago I was holding one half of an avocado, in the palm of my left hand,And wanted to get the pit out. So of course I took a sharp knife and tried to Stab the pit….the pit went flying and the knife went right through the avocado and into my palm!
    So dumb!! Thank goodness it didn’t need stitches……..


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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