Bats in My Belfry – and a Near-Death Experience

I have just calmed down enough to tell you about a Near-Death Experience we had at the cabin last week.  We had just settled into our bed that was up in the loft, when Patient Husband  screams like a little girl   calmly says “there’s a bat in the house”!!  It wasn’t just “in the house”, I’m sure it was taking nose-dives at our heads trying to inflict serious damage!


This was my first thought:


He then jumped into action.  (I have to say that after the little girl comment).  The bat soared around and for some reason landed on the ground, with all 3 dogs hovering over it.  PH threw his shirt on top of the bat (he was not in it, thank God).  Then, while the bat was doing that horrific squeaking thing it does, PH scooped it up and threw it out the door.  PH totally

While listening to SIRI give me directions over and over and going blind looking at a map, these are NOT the signs you want to see.



Need a hospital?   Go right.   But no one knows what you will find if you go left…….


When we got home on Saturday, our cats were very happy to see us.  Or they were very happy to be back in the house and not living in the barn any longer.   But we found them actually curled up near the dogs.  Hmmm.


Then poor little Jake got a bad stomach bug last night.  I found that out because during the middle of the night when PH got up and started walking towards the bathroom, he began yelling loudly and over and over the very word describing  what he had stepped in.  Oops.

I am back to work this week.  And although I was wearing running shoes with the orthotic insoles, my foot was killing me when I got home.  Some ibuprofen and an ice pack soon made it better.  This is going to be a long recovery.   Have I mentioned that I haven’t run in 2 months?  2 months!!!



I have to share this video so you can see how much fun the pooches had in the water.


Move as much as you can.



Quote of the day:  “It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.” 
(Dave Barry)








3 thoughts on “Bats in My Belfry – and a Near-Death Experience

  1. Loved the bat story..were you squeeling (like a girl) the whole time? I would of been! Tell Ron, I have had the stepping in poop during the night experience and I just remember Scott laughing …a lot!!!
    Thanks for the chuckles with my coffee….I don’t like it when you go on vacation…:((. unless I am with you!:)))

  2. this was so funny…glad you got away for a few days but the bat….eeeeekkkkkkk…i would have lefy that place right away!!!! but it did look nice…

    Know you are so bummed about your foot but do not run…it will be a long haul.Stew had it a few years ago…what a pain!!


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