Beginning of the week, the Christmas Season and the Mad Groomer


I went to the groomer today and dropped off Luna.



When I returned 3-1/2 hours later, they brought out this.  WHO.IS.THIS?


When they returned with this other dog – I didn’t even recognize her!  We love our long-haired doodles, but apparently they  get matted close to the skin (at least this is what she told me)  so she had to cut it all off!   AAAAAGGGGGG.  The poor little thing lost all her ‘labra’ and looks 100% poodle!  Is there anyone out there with a doodle who leaves their hair long and dred-like?  I need to know if this information is true or if I took Luna to the MAD Groomer!


More boxes for Murray to conquer.  With that expression I was afraid to ask him to move.  He looks very annoyed.  Mad Murray.



We had predictions of maybe a little snow but lots of high winds.  As I looked out the window, the storm looked very close.  Beautiful but ominous.



We never did get any snow, but the winds!!  It was a window rattling, dogs huddling in the corner windy.  In fact it was soooo windy…..are you ready?…….the wind gauge blew off our fence and is probably miles away.  That’s windy.

We decided to bring in all the Christmas decorations and get started.

fullsizeoutput_38ce fullsizeoutput_38d0


I bought these white trees for the mantle when I was out Christmas shopping.  “Hmmm.  Who should I give these to?  Gosh they sure look good on MY fireplace.”



I started to work on the tree.  It’s quite a project.



What I can’t understand is why does an artificial tree shed its’ needles??




Its getting close, but I’ll finish tomorrow.  Oh and the serious lopsided blue lights that are all on one side?  I fixed that after I saw the picture!



I still have lots of things to drag out and locate a place to put them.  Not always an easy chore.


Hope your hump day this week goes well.

One step at a time,



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