Braving a Few Things and Saying Good bye to Kazmir

So let’s talk a little about my run this morning.   It was very nice because there were no appointments today and I could just leave whenever I was ready.  I have started using KT tape on my knee.  I have always worn one of those straps under my knee, but this seems to really make it feel better.   The next item I looked at was the wind.  It was hovering (that probably isn’t the appropriate verb) around 11-12 mph.  If you have read any of my past blogs, you know I hate wind.  But I decided to try to brave it anyway.

Off I went.  I have a fairly long driveway so I did some of the “dynamic warm-ups” that I’ve read about.  It consisted of some skips, some high knees and some butt kicks.  I had my latest podcast on.  Then as I turned onto the road, my podcast ended!    Now here’s another fact about me:  I can not, will not, run in silence.  But I decided to try to brave it anyway.

The first mile actually went pretty well.  I could hear the water in the river, the meadowlarks, the deer (just kidding) – in fact, it was like listening to one of those nature noise recordings or maybe singing ‘The hills are alive’.

Then mile two.  As I was finishing it, I heard something.  Heavy breathing -like that on a dirty phone call.  Or maybe more like someone with emphysema, or maybe it was me.

Haha wasn’t that creepy?


THAT is why I must have music or audiobooks or a podcast – anything to block out the sound of my huffing and puffing!  So I stopped, walked and set up my next podcast chapter.  Off I went. 

At the 3.5 mile mark, Patient Husband was there waiting for me.  When I asked why he didn’t wait for my text, he said he just felt worried and decided to come get me.  I asked if there were calls from the neighbors but he just looked confused.  🙂  This story is longer than my run!

Next, we were taking my horse, Kazmir, to his new owner. Even though they are a perfect match, I knew this was going to be tough for me.  Here he is at his new home meeting his new pasture-mate.  (Kazmir is the gray).   I think they are going to be best friends.

Even Buddy the dog got inside with Kazmir and they got along very well.  As I was walking away he whinnied at me.  Yep, pulled at my heart strings.


More spring baby pictures. (Prong horn antelope)


A hunting panther.  Oh no, never mind, it’s just Murray.


And now for all you people who have those fancy footed horses:


I hope your week is going well.

One step at a time,



Anyone else out there have trouble running without music?

Anyone ever gotten rid of a pet that felt like a family member?







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