Brrrrrrrrrr. Baby it’s Cold Outside.


I patiently waited Christmas morning for PH to get home from a short shift at work.





Jack-in-a-Box.  Oh that joke never gets old…..


Gus is absolutely exhausted from literally opening his gifts.


We were headed to the neighbors for a Christmas dinner,  so I decided to try my hand on a Rum Cake.   First, make sure the Rum is good.


I was super excited over the cake coming out of the pan in one piece!  Pour lots of the Rum/butter sauce all over the cake.  Oh yum.  It was an unexpected success.  Thanks to my sister, Sue, for the recipe.


Clean up time.


And a little hokey-pokey.


When it was time to head over to Sherri and Craig’s, the forecasted snowstorm had begun.  So we fired up the truck which is equipped with chains and plow and headed out.


There’s a driveway here somewhere….


The meal, the friends and the evening was wonderful.


When we left several hours later, we literally plowed our way down the road!


The day after Christmas was very quiet and peaceful inside.  It was time to look over and appreciate again our gifts to eachother.  Of course, a trip into town was required.  I’m not sure if we have ever gone a day without a trip into town.

So we bundled up and headed out. (note Jake is photo-bombing us)


The dogs vied for the spot and a selfie that was maybe just a tad too close.


The parking lot for snowmobiles (just 1/2 mile below us) was packed.


Oh Lord, why must he sit so close?



When we got home, we could sense the wind picking up, so we headed out to do the chores in the barn.



Within minutes……..


When we got back inside the wind was blowing over 25 MPH.  It is not snowing – this is the wind blowing the snow.


I was really very spoiled this Christmas with so many beautiful gifts.  And I think PH has faith in my healing because he got me some fabulous running gifts.   🙂   I will share these with you in a later blog.

I hope you all had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and could share it with friends or family and loved ones.  Of course even the phone calls are special.  And now let’s head into the last week of 2017.

One step at a time,








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